For the One Who’s Lonely and Losing Hope


The winter after we moved to this area was one of the most lonely periods of my life. And of all the seasons, winter is the one where depression is most likely to sneak into my life and stifle my hope.

Darkness shrouds the day shortly before my husband even gets home from work. Bitter cold days seem to never end.

It was on one such day when the light inside me was fading that God reminded me He was still there. He reached out and embraced me with his loving arms at the most unexpected moment.

Will you keep reading with me? I am honored to be sharing over at Bearing Branch today. I don’t want you to miss this story of God’s faithfulness.


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3 thoughts on “For the One Who’s Lonely and Losing Hope

  1. Abby I read your post on the other blog sight and when I went to comment it would not go through. So here I am… Thanks so much for your post. I been a bit depressed. It’s a hard place to be when no one understands or can comfort. I am so glad that we serve a God who is always faithful and always there. I feel him especially now. Your story about meeting a friend reminds me of when I had my first baby I did not have any mom friends to hang out with. But I prayed and God was faithful.


    • Thanks for commenting here, Lisa! I am praying for you today, friend. I know some days it’s just hard. Yes, God is always faithful, even when we don’t see it right away. Much love to you. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


  2. As always you touched my heart Abby! I especially love this this, “Often, we miss out on God’s miracles
    because we expect something earth shattering, but his hand is usually more subtle.” I will be looking for those subtle ways! I call them whispers from our first Love. I just adore when He whispers to our hearts!


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