The Treasure We’re Giving Away (without even knowing it)

Do you know what TV show fascinates me? It isn’t the Real Housewives or one of those Survivor spin-offs. It’s The Antiques Roadshow.

I know, I know. There’s no drama on this little hour of British television. But I’m amazed at these treasures passed down from generations past, with owners who aren’t even aware of their value. It makes me wonder if there are treasures sitting around in my own home (or attic), waiting to be discovered.

A couple of weeks ago my parents visited and since they always bring gifts, I went through my kids’ endless pile of toys. I remarked that we needed to make another trip to the local charity store. Except the store I was speaking of isn’t really all that charitable.

“That guy’s made a fortune because people just give their stuff away,” my Dad said, referring to the owner.

He talked about how employees of this store found antiques worth large sums of money. The owners didn’t know what they had, and now someone else is making a profit.

The discussion made me ask myself- what am I giving away that I should be guarding? Are there things that I should be treasuring instead of throwing away?

Except my mind didn’t go to the material stuff. It went to the matters of the heart.

I give away my time scrolling through Facebook, looking at pictures of other people’s memories when I could be making my own.

I give away my hope, looking to others to affirm me when there’s only One who can give me the validation I need.

I give away money, looking to fashion trends to give me a fleeting thrill.

When we take an honest look at our lives, we often find we give our hearts away for fulfillment that quickly fades. We can run around in endless circles chasing the next validation or high and then wonder why we constantly feel depleted.

If we dig into God’s word, it doesn’t tell us to give our hearts away. It tells us to guard them.

Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.

Proverbs 4:23 NIV

God knows our ADD nature. He knows we need reminders to keep our steps aligned and our eyes fixed on the Author of our hope.

So why do we need to guard our heart? Shouldn’t we keep it open and listen to it like the popular 80’s song suggests?

Yes and no. Guarding our heart doesn’t mean living in fear, cutting ourselves off from relationships, adventures and the abundant life God wants for us.

Guarding our heart means aligning it with God’s Word, letting our decisions flow from the wisdom he freely gives us.

Guarding our heart means letting his love affirm us, not the fleeting things of this world.

Each of us has a treasure worth far more than anything discovered on an antique roadshow or a charity store. Let’s not give it away like yesterday’s garbage.

Let’s guard it, knowing its value. Let’s treat it like the gem it is.


6 thoughts on “The Treasure We’re Giving Away (without even knowing it)

  1. I like Antiques Roadshow and a few others, television leaves a lot to be desired. I love 80’s music and tv. It has steadily gone downhill to me. And you are right, I give a lot of time and effort, and I give my writing freely on blogs because I hope to benefit others. But I do have other written things, I need published and the Lord will have to direct that. I’ve had my poor heart broken, disappointed and despondent. I can’t really guard it so well, I asked Him to. That’s the difference between Old Testament and New, ” the peace of God, that surpasses all knowledge guards our heart. “


    • Yes 80’s music was the best! 😉 I don’t guard mine too well either, but I’ve asked God for wisdom in that area. Thanks so much for stopping by, Becky! Hope you have a great Wednesday.


  2. Wow, Abby. This is pure gold. Such a great application you drew out from the Antique Roadshow. May God truly give me wisdom to guard my heart. I love what you say about frittering away our time on social media. So easy.


    • Yes, that’s definitely a struggle for me too friend. Asking God to give me discernment there. Good to see your beautiful face here today.


  3. What a terrific post, Abby. So true – it’s so easy to give away what’s precious, that which should be guarded instead. Timely, my friend. xo


  4. Great reminder, Abby. It all springs from wisdom and balance, doesn’t it. Guarding what God gives us and clinging to that truth, rather than the fleeting lies and passing gratification the world offers up all around us. His word never fails us. xoxo


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