Write 31 Days

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Hello, friends! This page will be the home of all links to posts written for the 31 Day Writing Challenge, hosted by Crystal Stine. I hope you will join me and some of my favorite writers this October as we explore what it means to find true freedom in Christ and let go of patterns which keep us stuck. We’d love to have you join us at any point during this journey (even if it’s years down the road), so feel free to go back and read the posts in your own time, at your own pace.

September 29th- Will You Join Us? (An Introduction)

October 1st- Are We Living Our Lives Stuck?

October 2nd- When You Feel Stuck in Limbo

October 3rd- A Prayer for Focus

October 4th- Abundance or Leftovers?

October 5th- When We Lose Our Faith in Humanity

October 6th- Giving God Your Wish List Life

October 7th- Is There a Key to Why Some Succeed? {Book Review and Giveaway}

October 8th- Overflowing Hope

October 9th- Chasing Someone Else’s Dream

October 10th- A Prayer for Clear Vision

October 11th- Today, Don’t Forget

October 12th- Why Sometimes You Have to Abandon the Routine

October 13th- 2 Simple Truths That Can Help You Overcome Discouragement

October 14th- Stuck in the Safety Net

October 15th- When Woe, Woe, Woe Replaces Your Ho Ho Ho

October 17th- A Prayer for Peace

October 18th-20th- How Do You Handle Hard Conversations?

October 21st- When You Need Affirmation

October 22nd- When Comparison Threatens to Steal My Community

October 23rd- From Fake Fine-ness to Hard Truth

October 24th- A Prayer for Authenticity

October 25th-26th- Freedom in Knowing the Truth

October 27th-28th- It Is for Freedom

October 29th- When You Feel Like You’re Missing the Party

October 30th- When the Darkness Becomes Comfortable

October 31st- A Prayer Inviting the Spirit to Move