Stop Hiding Your Light

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My face beamed as I read my friends words and the corners of my mouth curved into an awkward smile. She was happy. For me.

She was “doing double back flips.” For me. At first my heart didn’t know how to respond. Then warmth enveloped me like a soft touch and I was sure I’d found a true friend.

I’d become so good at undermining my successes that to share them with someone felt dangerous. What if she was offended or discouraged by this turn of events? She hadn’t heard anything from her publisher yet, so I reasoned perhaps I should keep quiet.

With the gentle nudge of the Spirit, I moved past my caution and spilled the news anyway. And her excited response welcomed me in and washed away my fears and apprehension.

I realized for the first time in months how this joy over my progress was meant to be shared. And when I shared it, it grew.

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When You Long For a Change

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For months I wondered what would happen if one of the city’s homeless graced the doorstep of our church. Would the lady I’d often seen walking the streets be welcomed in with warm smiles?

Her tattered comforter was always wrapped tightly around her like a cape. It seemed to be her only source of security as she made her way from one location to another.

What would occur if she came to this place which could bring her hope not just for this life, but for eternity? Would she be given looks of disapproval?

My husband and I had spoken with her before, asking how we could help, but were turned away. She continued wandering around the canal, setting up a small camp of belongings here and there. I couldn’t get the picture of her out of my mind, the way she always seemed to be talking to no one in particular.

Then one day she was there.

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