The One Truth That Can Silence the Voice of Doubt


“You’re always my number one,” my hubby said.

I put my head against his chest and let his affirmation sink in, resting in his strong embrace.

I couldn’t remember the last time I’d been so tired. Adjusting to life with three kids and finding balance was a struggle. I was flailing in a sea of failed expectations in others, but also fighting to maintain healthy expectations in myself.

When I forgot to sign my son’s homework, I felt defeated. When I was unable to spend as much time with my boys, I felt guilt.

As we encounter difficulty navigating new seasons in life, the voices of doubt often creep in.

You can’t get this mom-of-three-kids thing down. Why did you ever think it was a good idea?

 That book proposal will never get done. You may as well not even try.

 And the scary part is, we often listen to that voice-the one who confirms our worst fears and dark thoughts we don’t talk about with others. The one who brings out the worst version of ourselves.

Instead of pursuing our dreams, we convince ourselves failure is inevitable. We shrink away from the edge of the next leap of faith before we even see the drop off.


So what do we do? How do we silence the voice of doubt when our eyelids are heavy and the road is weary?

If we want to drown the source of lies, we must look to the source of all truth- Jesus. He didn’t just speak truth. He lived it.

When I look at his life I often wonder, how did he keep discouragement and doubt at bay? When the Pharisees and naysayers questioned his every move, how did he stay strong? It’s quite simple, really.

Jesus knew who he was.

I came from the Father and have come into the world, and now I am leaving the world and going to the Father.

John 16:28 ESV

He not only knew who he was, but who he is, and is to come. One with the Father. His Son. The One he was “well pleased” with.

And when he looks at you and me, he’s pleased too. Not because we’re perfect or flawless, but because he sees his perfect Son.

You don’t have to compete for God’s attention. Like my husband said to me, you’re his number one.

When we face a mountain of doubt and discouragement, we can choose to listen his thoughts about us instead of the lies that invade our peace. Even when others around us are pointing out our flaws or being negative, we can immerse ourselves in the voice that speaks truth and love.

And when we abide in him, he calls us daughters. He gives us a crown and says, “Come to me, you who are weary.”

I don’t know about you, but those voices of lies are making me weary. Let’s come to the only One who can give us true rest today.

Let’s follow Jesus’ example and remember not only who we are, but Whose we are today.

11 thoughts on “The One Truth That Can Silence the Voice of Doubt

  1. Yes, that third child thing is a challenge. I remember feeling so overwhelmed and not able to stay on top of anything. but it will change and you’ll adjust and life will settle into a new normal. You got this girlfriend! Love and hugs to you!


  2. I hear you and I feel you, Abby. Those lies are so exhausting and the only way to combat them is with that sword of truth. So grateful that His promises are ours – and more so, that we are His. Love you, friend.


  3. Abby, one of my dear friends, who’s going through a several trial, says something like this all the time. “I’m pretty sure I’m His favorite.” And I love it! Because only God can love us each so personally and intentionally and yet love us all. ❤ I have felt *behind* and *incapable* for the last 5 years and just keep asking God to order my steps. What doesn't get done, doesn't get done. ❤ Love your honesty, friend.


    • I love that too, Lisa. It’s hard to wrap our heads around but so incredibly true. Thank you for sharing some of your story here. Always love hearing from you.


  4. Oh Abby, I don’t even have 3 small children, yet I’m feeling overwhelmed and undone. Tons to do for my own family and writing, ministry. 🙂 So I’m inhaling these words today. I think I just need to rest in Him. Remember who I am and who I belong to.


    • Such an important thing to remember, Betsy. He’s been pressing this on my heart too. And you have a lot going on even w/o three young kids, friend! You inspire me greatly. Love and hugs. ❤


  5. It’s a funny thing – I’ve thought many of the same thoughts. Isn’t darkness such a booger? You’re doing beautifully, unsigned homework and all. God is already certain. 😉 Beautiful encouragement and fearless honesty, my friend.


  6. Oh, Abby — three kids is a big adjustment. Give yourself grace — and, I bet you’re doing a great job. We always like to think we need to do more than we actually need to do, and then we put a guilt trip on ourselves. — I’m glad you’re choosing not to listen to the liar, because I have no doubt you’re called, and will be used by God in each season of your life — even the ones that feel less productive. ((Hug)) — Miss you over on the Compel leadership page. Wanted to let you know I’ve started a new linkup called Chasing Community. Would love to have you join, if you’d like. 🙂 — Continued prayers for your little family and all the changes. Even good change can be stressful, can’t they? 🙂 Thanks for these words of encouragement even in the midst of your busyness. ((xoxo))


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