The Only Sure Way to Multiply Our Time


When the doctor told me they recommended an ultrasound at 32 weeks, my first thought was, “Do I have time for this?” I had to pick up my son from school, and they’d forgotten to schedule the procedure at my last appointment.

I decided if they were quick, I would still make it in time. Less than fifteen minutes later, I was watching the life I’d carried for the past seven months.

Don’t blink.

I looked at the tiny figure on the screen, amazed at how different her features were after just twelve weeks. She was almost ready to make her entrance into the world. I ignored the growing pressure on my bladder and enjoyed every inch of her.

The tech noticed my discomfort.

“Don’t worry hon. We’re almost done.”

“Oh, I’m fine,” I said, shifting my position slightly.

Take your time. This moment will never come again.

 After a few minutes, she finished up and wiped the sticky gel off my belly. I held the series of snapshots she’d captured, grateful to have a keepsake of this time.

Time is all we have in this life, isn’t it? And lately, pregnancy has me in a constant flux of slow down and hurry up.

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One thought on “The Only Sure Way to Multiply Our Time

  1. Abby,
    Maybe I missed it, but didn’t see a place to comment over at Purposeful Faith…loved this post. I so wish I had learned lessons you are learning at your “young” age. I’m sure you’ve heard this but the older you get the more quickly time flies – if that’s believable. Yes, SAVOR. Nowhere in the Bible does it praise multi-tasking. Mary is the one praised for sitting at Jesus’ feel while Martha scurries around frantically. Oh that we would all pursue Mary’s attitude with Jesus and with our families. Praying for you as the time gets closer!
    Bev xx


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