The Dream Killer Called Perfection (And What to Do About It)

the dream killer called perfection

There are words that will never make it to this blog.

Often they get typed, retyped and then deleted. Sometimes they spin around my head for a while only to get lost in some black hole of writer’s abyss. Others wind up in my journal, which is where they belong.

The truth is, my writing will follow the same pattern as other areas of my life if I let it. I will try with all my human strength to perfect it, only to realize what seemed “perfect” an hour ago in fact wasn’t. It’s a vicious cycle. And although it’s taken a lot of heartache and unclenching of fists, God is showing me it isn’t worth it.

For months, a fear of failure prevented me from taking a major step in my writing. I knew the project wasn’t perfect. There were areas of my resume which could be improved. And then improved some more.

Every time I poised myself to hit the “send” button, thousands of what-ifs ran through my head like a freight train. Until one day I sensed God saying to me, “Are you going to trust me?”

It was  valid question and one I didn’t know if I could answer. I wanted to sink into the whiny voice of my kids when they don’t get their way and say, “But God….”

With a simple question from a loving Father, I realized this leap of faith wasn’t about being perfect. It was about trusting the only Perfect One. I had to click the “send” button and believe that if God wanted the mountain to move, he would provide a way.

As my pastor likes to say, my job was to take the natural step. His job was to do the supernatural.

dream killer

Friend, if you’re in a place where God is asking you to do something that seems beyond logic or your own ability, you are exactly where he wants you to be. The Maker of the universe is in the business of using ordinary, everyday people like you and me to accomplish mighty things. But the key is this: We have to take the step that seems illogical.

We have to move past the imperfections, the procrastination and the endless excuses and trust that if he’s asking us to do something, there is a reason.

That email I sent? It wasn’t perfect. But a few days ago I got an answer. And in an instant, I moved one huge step closer to a dream God placed in my heart many years ago.

Thanks be to God, I have a literary agent!

I know there are still a lot of what-ifs ahead of me. I know there will be days when my fingers are poised to hit the “send” button and a million questions flood my head.

And when they do, I will remember that still, small voice of my Father, pushing me to take the natural step.

“Do you trust me?”


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30 thoughts on “The Dream Killer Called Perfection (And What to Do About It)

  1. That word I had to get rid of in my life. I never knew just how it had a hold on me. I saw how I made others live up to being a perfectionist. I been much better person once I let that word and its behavior leave me


  2. Oh Abby! I’m so excited for you! Your words have been such a blessing to me at different times in the past few months and I know God will bless this step of faith. Keep us posted and let us know how we can pray for you through this new journey.

    This has encouraged me a lot today: “We have to move past the imperfections, the procrastination and the endless excuses and trust that if he’s asking us to do something, there is a reason.”


  3. YAY Abby!! So excited for you! Praising the Lord with you- thankful He teaches you to trust, gives you words to encourage others to trust Him, and showed Himself faithful to you in making a way!! I’m so excited for you!


    • Thank you, Bethany! He is faithful even when we still have our doubts. He never ceases to amaze me. I’m thankful we crossed paths in the blogging world, friend. The support of you and others on this journey has meant the world to me.


  4. Abby, this is great and super exciting news!!! Both about your stepping out in faith and trust, and seeing how God moved. I can’t wait to see how your journey unfolds!!


  5. So exciting! And regardless of outcome you followed God’s obedience to trust Him. Always, always blessing in that trust. And it’s sure good to see such a concrete gift to you this morning! Praising our good and faithful God today with you and I”m looking forward to what else comes when you hit send! ❤


  6. Abby, you are incredible. I love hearing your voice and seeing your constant seeking and growth towards our Heavenly Father. I love that you are writing and sharing your gifts with all of us. Thanks for the imperfect but perfect in timing message today and reminder that nothing is for nothing it is all for Him and by Him. Love you


    • Adri, I thank God we can stay connected in some way even though we are miles apart. I love you too, friend! God is good and always faithful.


  7. Congratulations Abby! I appreciate your honest and candid nature. Thank you for being an incredible example of faith and pursuit of God-sized dreams! BRAVO! Your friend, Angela at #raralinkup


  8. Hi Abby! Thank you for this post. Each word resonated and reminded me how much God treasures our trust. Congratulations on securing an agent! You are an excellent writer. May you continue to trust the only Perfect One!


    • Thank you for your kind words, Joy! This has been a slow lesson for me but God is faithful and incredibly patient. 😉 Thanks for stopping here today. Blessings!


  9. Beautiful post. Abby thanks for sharing your faith and how trusting in God is tough, yet most rewarding. Your post is full of God’s truth and I loved the way you described God’s way is much different than ours. Faith isn’t done by sight but anchored in trust through acting on what He tells us to do. Congratulations and God bless you, your family and friends.


  10. This post couldn’t have come at a more ideal time. I took a huge step today and reached out to see about potentially growing our business nore locally. I am nervous, excited and beyond baffled what it all might mean for our future. But like you described above, perfectionism kills passion because it makes us second guess our instincts and causes us to procrastinate. I am so grateful for your thoughtful post and am so excited for you!


  11. Abby,
    Praise that you had the courage to hit “send” and now you have a literary agent!! I’ve always known you’ve had it in you!! God certainly does call us to the irrational…the illogical. If someone had told me five years ago I would be head of a non-profit ministry supporting Christian schools and children in the Middle East, I probably would have told them they were crazy. When God taps us to take faith steps, like you said, He is able to do the supernatural!! Sharing in your joy (on multiple fronts) and lifting you up in prayer for the exciting road ahead! Keep pushing “publish and send”.
    Blessings sweet friend,
    Bev xx


  12. Just love this Abby! Yes! perfectionism is a dream-killer, isn’t it? I’m learning that also more and more in this writing business, that perfectionism can leave me stalled on the side of the road. Thanks so much for this encouragement. And I’m THRILLED for you!


  13. Congrats Abby on following God’s direction even though He may have given you a nudge. I must admit I fight the need for perfection so often but I am learning to just TRUST HIM. Some days are better than others but I am willing to surrender to God’s will though scary it may be. You are a talented writer and I look forward to seeing and reading what God leads you to share. I hope you have a fantastic week and may God richly bless you in all your endeavors!


  14. I love this, Abby. I’ve hit “send” with my eyes screwed shut before too, but you’re right … God’s the one who makes the way when there seems to be no way. I’m so glad you have an agent and will look forward to watching and reading as your dream continues to unfold. 🙂


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