When You Feel Like You’ve Lost Your Anchor, Remember This

One Thing to Remember During the Chaos of Change

The news that we would have to vacate our apartment came on a weekday while I was at work. At first, I was too shocked to even panic. I sat at my desk blinking in disbelief and then on the way home, it hit me.

My husband and I had moved cross-country a month earlier and were living in a temporary furnished apartment. Due to a mix-up about length of time we would need to stay, they had leased our place to someone else. Now we had until the following week to find a rental which would both allow pets and let us pay month-to-month while our previous home was still on the market.

The sheer weight of it all made it difficult to breathe. I knew finding the housing we needed during this time would be like finding a needle in a haystack.

When you make a life decision as monumental as leaving your childhood home and moving to a place where you know no one, you give it a lot of thought. You pray. You seek wise counsel from friends and family, and you pray some more.

We’d done all of these things and felt strong affirmation that God was leading us to make the move. So when trouble came, I questioned. Had we heard God wrong? Was all of this a huge mistake?

I longed for the familiarity of our couch, our bed and the soft glow of the lamp I used for late night reading. All of it was sitting on a cold concrete floor somewhere in storage.

But it wasn’t just the furnishings that were foreign to me. It was the culture. The people. I searched for a common ground but missed the slow drawl of my southern rooted friends. Now, after a month we were being uprooted yet again and my faith was faltering.

When you’re overwhelmed by the chaos of change, you have to hold on to the only One who is unchanging.

when you lose your anchor...

You may feel as though you’ve lost your anchor and wonder if any of your surroundings will ever feel like home. The distance between you and your loved ones may feel like a chasm that cuts straight into you soul.

But can I tell you something? Our God doesn’t change.

His love for you is the same today as it was before you were a glint in your mother’s eye.

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.

Hebrews 13:8 NIV

As I kept making the commute to work each day after our instruction to vacate, I saw the splendor of the snow-capped mountains. I noticed the vibrant colors of the leaves as the seasons changed from summer to fall.

Somehow I knew the God who created all of this for us to enjoy was going to get us through this mess.

A few days later, my husband got a call from our realtor. Her boss owned a property in the area we desired to live and was willing to rent it month-to-month. Oh, and the dogs were welcome.

It wasn’t the house we’d later make our home. The paint was chipping, the floors were dingy and it needed a lot of TLC. But it offered exactly what we needed- a place where we could stay together.

In the midst of hard times, you find it’s the little things that matter the most. And our steady, unchanging God provides them all.

15 thoughts on “When You Feel Like You’ve Lost Your Anchor, Remember This

  1. Sweet testimony, Abby. I’ve moved ‘cross-country a few times and there always seems to be some unexpected thing (or two) God uses to grow our faith,reminding us our anchor isn’t in the familiar and comfortable, but in the One who holds tomorrow and knows exactly what we’ll need then. Aren’t we so glad He’s always a step ahead?! 🙂 ((xoxo))


  2. Moving can be so unsettling..I really like your words: “When you’re overwhelmed by the chaos of change, you have to hold on to the only One who is unchanging.” Thank goodness God knows every step before we get there!


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