A Prayer for All You Moms When Your Nerves Are Shot this Summer

A Prayer for All You Moms this Summer

I know what you’re thinking. Summer has just begun, right? There’s no need for one of those types of posts. The kind that laments about the stresses of motherhood and all the weariness that goes along with it.

And I agree. I’m looking forward to many more trips to the pool with the kids, long days where bedtime is stretched out even longer and the schedule is ignored.

But here’s the thing. I know sometime during those weeks when the sun is blazing hot and the kids are running free we’re going to need a moment. I needed one today. The kids were bickering, it took us an hour to get out the door to run a five-minute errand, and my nerves were shot.

Somewhere in the recesses of my mind I heard myself screaming, “Just give me five minutes!” Five minutes to breathe. Five minutes to think my thoughts which I know are buried down there somewhere.

I sent my seven-year-old outside to play even though it was pouring down rain. The rain won’t melt off his skin, right?

As I was running that five-minute errand to the supermarket which ended up taking forty-five minutes, I thought of you. I thought of all you other moms out there who might need a moment too. And when you do, I pray these words find you and encourage you. I pray God grants you that peace which truly does surpass understanding. That peace which we so desperately need to cling to when the days get longer than we can manage.

Here is my prayer for you.


I pray you find your five minutes. Twenty is even better. Sometimes this means getting up earlier, which I loathe doing, but I promise you it is worth it. There is something about being alone before the chaos starts which brings a peace that cuts through the yelling which will start later. Be alone with God. Soak in his presence. Listen to the birds chirping outside your window.

I pray you will give yourself grace. Yes, you may yell. Yes, you may lose your temper. Apologize if you need to. Lord knows I have more times than I can count. But after you do, move on. Your kids will not remember your mini-tantrum tomorrow; trust me. Unless they are teenagers. Then they might. But dwelling in a pit of guilt will only make your temper shorter.

I pray you savor this time. Soak it up. Do something you and your kids both enjoy. My kids and I love the water so much of our summer will be spent by the lake or the pool. It is our happy place and gives them space to burn all of that pent up energy.

I pray you are able to rest. And trust me, rest doesn’t mean zoning out to the tv or social media. I’m talking about a rest which replenishes your soul. I pray you are able to do something creative or something you love that makes you remember who you are when your labels of mother, wife and friend are stripped away. I pray you’re able to find time to do that thing which, when you do it, makes you say, “Ah, this is what I was made to do.”

I pray God quiets your soul. I know, fat chance when the kids are running around like lunatics, right? And yet, I still pray this for you. Whether that means a weekend away to yourself or with just your spouse, or it means a day at a spa, my hope is that you will find quiet. Quiet that blocks out all the noise and the voices of negativity in your head.

Moms, I’m thinking of you today. Even though Father’s Day is the next date on the calendar, you’ve been on my heart all week. You are strong. You are amazing. And you’re doing the work of the Lord each day you get out of bed and love those little vandals in a way only you can.

Keep pressing ahead. Before you know it, summer will be a memory. Savor each moment and remember to take one for yourself.


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11 thoughts on “A Prayer for All You Moms When Your Nerves Are Shot this Summer

  1. Though my children are now grown, I do remember these days well. God bless you for your love and encouragement to mom’s everywhere.


  2. Although I am not a mom or grandmama, I know that mothers need prayer for I have taught most of my life. I am retired but tutor after school. I do not have any students right now and am actually a bit relieved!! I needed the break too. I will hold all of you parents in my prayers as these summer weeks come and go.


  3. Abby,
    Beautiful and uplifting…God has a special place in His heart for mothers…He knows how much nurturing can take out of us and drain us and so He is always right there to fill in the gaps where we fall short. My kids are grown and surprisingly my son only remembers one temper tantrum I threw…one out of a zillion isn’t bad. He remembers it because he laughed at how ridiculous I looked…no harm, no foul.


    • That’s such an encouragement to hear, Bev. We remember those things so much more than they do. Thank God for his grace, and our kids’! Hugs.


  4. Thank you, Abby! Beautiful reminder to find and create the goodness moments through the chaos; and through your example of prayer for all us moms, prayer being key. These mommy-days for sure are both amazing and tough…but, when we look back, we WILL find that these were the best days of our lives! I’m convinced of this :-).


  5. Oh this encourages me so, Abby! Right now after one of my sweeties just blew up at me. Yes, we need to take five (or twenty) and give ourselves grace. Even when they’re teens, they don’t dwell on the blow-ups if we apologize. (According to my limited experience of 2 teens.) Thanks for this, It’s a pleasure to share.


    • That is so good to hear about teenagers, Betsy. I always love hearing your stories and I know you’re doing a wonderful job! Blessings and hugs.


  6. Beautiful, Abby. Tears as I read these words. Praying these prayers with you, especially for solo Mommies, who do it all alone.


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