His Invitation is as Unique as We Are {Book Review & Giveaway}

come with me book review

“Come with me,” is one of my four-year-old’s favorite requests. Actually, it’s more like a command. You see, he has lots of things he wants to show everyone. His newest discoveries, creations and accomplishments.

Every day, our Creator opens his eyes to new things, and it is beautiful to watch. I can kneel beside him and reclaim some of that childlike wonder I lost as an adult. I chase butterflies and bubbles as he squeals with delight, making it impossible for me not to laugh.

But the latest creation we chased? Well, that one was my favorite. We chased the sun.

A couple of weeks ago we traveled to my sister-in-law’s college for her graduation and toward the end of the car ride, the sun was setting. The horizon turned a spectacular shade of orange, and the sun would occasionally hide behind the hills and trees.

As soon as my little one saw it, he bubbled with excitement.

“Look at the color! Look!”

Then, it would disappear and the chase would start.

“We have to find sun, Dadda! We have to find it! It’s hiding.”

My husband and I could not stop smiling as our four-year-old hunted the sun with complete determination. As I trailed it with him I wondered when we lose that. When does the God’s creation become something we take for granted?

come with me 2

Then, as darkness took over and the sun “went to sleep” I thought, “What if we had that same childlike wonder in our relationship with the Lord? What if, instead of doubt and fear, we reclaimed a sense of awe as we followed his lead into the unknown?”

When I received my copy of Suzanne Eller’s book, Come with Me, I knew I was going to be challenged. One can look at the blurb on the back cover and be assured of that. But what I didn’t expect was the awakening which would take place in my heart. I didn’t see how Jesus’ invitation to, “Come with me,” can be as unique and individual as we are.

One of the many beautiful attributes of the gospel message is the way God makes it come alive to each one of us. As I sat there with my book, reading about the disciples, their struggles and their questions, I realized I wasn’t just a spectator.

I was one of them. I am one of them. And just like Peter, John and Thomas, Jesus wants to use me.

My journey won’t look like everyone else’s. It may mean traveling to a foreign land or it could be sitting in a newborn’s bedroom, rocking through the midnight shift. I could be sharing my story with hundreds of people or it might be loving on one single mom in my kitchen.

The significance of accepting Jesus’ invitation to “come with me” isn’t in what we do. It’s in the faith it requires to take the first step. 

And then another. And another.

We may not know where we’re going, but we can trust the person we’re following. We don’t have to chase him the way my four-year-old and I chased the sun, but we can have the same childlike excitement.

Because it’s going to be a beautiful adventure.

come with me book cover

If you’re at a point in your life where you want more of Jesus, I highly recommend Suzanne Eller’s book, Come with Me. She will take you by the hand and sit among the disciples with you as you explore what Jesus’ invitation to “come with me” meant and how it was as unique as you are.

You can pick up a copy of Come with Me here.


Also, comment below and be entered to win a free copy from me! I will announce the winner or Tuesday, May 24th.

9 thoughts on “His Invitation is as Unique as We Are {Book Review & Giveaway}

  1. Abby, I loved this! If only I can remember to continue to look for him with expectancy, even during the moments when I can’t “see” him in my trial! Thanks for sharing the book – I need to add this one to my “must read” list.


    • I hear you, Lorraine. He’s working on me in this area as well. This book is fantastic and definitely one to read! Thanks for visiting today.


  2. This is just where I am this morning. It made for a fun read with you. Thank you. I can’t wait to get this book too.


  3. I’m hearing so many recommend this book! Definitely another one to read!

    I love what you share of your four-year-old. I have a 3 and 6 year-old and they’ve taught me so much about looking at God’s world with wonder.

    The book you share of touches on something I’ve been reflecting a lot upon lately: how each of us is so very different and yet also beautifully complement each other as we learn to love others like Christ does us. We’ve all been given a different piece of His heart and together the Body of Christ can be so beautiful in His leading. It’s so easy to believe we do not belong or are not the “right” fit, or to think that of others …I am ever so slowly learning that there is incredible beauty in our differences and that we have so much to give and receive from each other, if we open ourselves to it. This is why I love that the Scriptures tell the story of Christ from very different perspectives: each time Christ’s story is re-told, the personality and personal insights of the writer open us to different kernels of wisdom. One focuses more on the emotions, the other on the concrete facts….


    • Yes Anna! God’s been opening my eyes to this as well. I’m certainly a work in progress but life is so much sweeter when I don’t compare myself to others and am simply thankful for the gifts he’s entrusted to me and to others. Thanks so much for sharing here today!


  4. Abby,
    Thanks for sharing your son’s childlike wonder…we (adults) all need a good dose of that!! I love how you pointed out that Jesus’s invitation to “come with me” is not an invitation to “do” but to “abide” in Him with childlike faith and trust. A much needed reminder! Definitely put me in the drawing 🙂


  5. I loved reading about your son’s excitement of following the sun, Abby. It really made me smile. Yes, if only we had the same excitement in following Jesus. I have been pondering (as I wrote in today’s blog post) how God plants each of us for a unique purpose and wants us to bloom wherever He plants us instead of comparing ourselves with others, but I hadn’t thought of it that His invitation is as unique as we are. This book sounds so good. Thank you for the encouragement. Blessings and hugs to you!


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