Are You Ready to Break the Measuring Stick? {A Book Review}

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Sometimes the places where we find our emotional outlets can also become the places we fall into the trap of comparison.

I know. Several years ago, I found myself in one of these places.

MOPS had become a lifeline for me. I was in a new town where I didn’t know many moms, and I craved connection with other humans who were going through the midnight feedings, the endless diaper changes and lack of sleep.

I could leave my kid for a couple of hours in a place where I knew he’d be safe and commiserate with other moms. What could be better than that?

I left the meetings feeling refreshed and ready to take on another day of mothering. That is, until I started comparing myself to the other moms. And my kid to their kids. And my house their house and my neighborhood to theirs.

Comparison is a slippery slope, isn’t it?

One minute we’re thanking God for a sense of normalcy and community, and the next we’re questioning our abilities as a mom and our kid’s progression on the milestone chart.

Is there a way to get over it? Can we put away our measuring sticks and live in the fullness of our unique identities in Christ?

I believe we can, but it takes a daily commitment. It takes a daily renewal of the mind and surrender to God’s ways instead of our own.

When I learned my dear friend, Kristine Brown, was writing a book about comparison, I was thrilled. I was even more excited when I got my hands on my own copy of the book. As I read through its pages, I was not disappointed.

Kristine takes the reader through the stories of three women in the Bible who struggled with comparison and gives practical, doable steps to help us turn our comparison into peace in who we are. Even though comparison is not limited to motherhood or physical appearance, she illustrates that the same steps can be used to conquer its many forms.

Many times as I was going through the chapters I found myself nodding my head in agreement many times thinking, “Me too. Me too.” Seeing how other women from scripture struggled with the same tendencies we face today and how they overcame them empowered me to do the same. It showed me I am not alone, and with God’s help, I can find peace with who He created me to be as a wife, mother, writer and friend.

We all struggle with comparison at some point. The question is are we going to let it dictate our lives or do something about it?

If you’re like me and you’re tired of chasing after other people’s goals, achievements and dreams, I highly recommend Kristine’s book. She will show you there is a better, more Spirit-driven way.

With God’s help, we can break the measuring stick and walk in the freedom He gives.

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Over It: Conquering Comparison to Live Out God’s Plan is available now on Amazon and where books are sold. You can purchase your copy here.

Kristine Brown is a wife, dramatist, life-long educator and mentor. She is the founder of More Than Yourself, Inc. college scholarship program for junior high girls.

You can also find Kristine on her blog, More Than Yourself, and on her growing Facebook community.

*We will continue our Rays in the Storm series on Thursday. Thank you to everyone who has read, commented and made my guest writers feel welcome. You are a blessing!

6 thoughts on “Are You Ready to Break the Measuring Stick? {A Book Review}

  1. Praise the Lord!  Thank you for sharing I shall purchase honestly I do need this encouragement.  God bless you guys! Charollet kingdom living


  2. Thank you, Abby. “Can we put away our measuring sticks and live in the fullness of our unique identities in Christ?” It’s so easy to get out my measuring stick and badger myself that I’m not as good as someone else. But God is so patient with me. He again and again helps me to focus on my identity in Christ. Thank you so much for this encouraging reminder. Blessings and hugs to you!


    • I think this is a struggle for most women in some way. I’m so thankful Kristine wrote this book and used practical, biblical principles to help us overcome comparison. So good! Thank you for being here today, Trudy. (hugs)


  3. Abby,
    Great precepts that Kristine has based her book upon. Nowhere in the Bible does it say, “Thou shalt compare thyself to others.” Women are notorious about doing this…so glad Kristine is speaking Truth into these lies. Thanks, Abby, for a great review of her book.
    Blessings to you both,


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