When Loneliness Is a Blessing

When Loneliness is a Blessing 3

I remember the first time we drove through this small town tucked into hills of Western Maryland. It was a cold, rainy day and a heavy fog hung over us like a blanket.

As we made our way across the overpass and I looked down at the place I would later call home, I thought, “Oh God, what have I done?” My husband and I were going to be living here in a few months, and I had agreed to the move here sight unseen.

I looked out my window and I thought about the friends we’d be leaving, the church where we’d thrived, and the snowy peaks outside our doorstep in Utah. Had we gone crazy? One what planet did we decide this was a good idea, to pick our family up and move cross country for the second time in five years?

And yet, in late January during one of the coldest winters on record, that is exactly what we did.

After living with my in-laws for a few months while looking for a house, we finally found a place to raise our growing family. We were expecting our second son, and I was eager get active in the community. But the more we tried to fit, to find a church family and make friends, the more elusive our desires became.

Will you continue reading with me? Today I’m honored to be sharing in Bethany McIlrath’s Word Works series. You can read the rest of my post here.

When Loneliness is a Blessing 2

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6 thoughts on “When Loneliness Is a Blessing

  1. Abby, I can’t get through to the continuance of this post. It tells me Safari can’t find the page and it shows a bunch of letters and symbols. I found Bethany McIlrath, but I can’t find your post on there either. 😦


  2. What a rich sharing and wonderful testimony! It reminds me again of how quickly we can forget He always has provision for us even if it doesn’t look like what we had hoped for or wanted. Happy to enjoy this as your neighbor at the Linkup at Intentional Tuesday.


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