Do You Need to Wake Up Your Faith? {A Book Review}

curious faith book review

I didn’t question the existence of God as a child. I grew up in the church, attended a Christian school and went to youth group on Wednesday nights.

I believed what I was taught.

One hot summer night at Billy Graham’s Cove Camp in Asheville, North Carolina, I repeated a simple prayer in the light of the campfire, surrounded by other campers. As I look back on that young girl, I think there was sincerity in those words I uttered up to the heavens. But I also know the prayer was more of an emotional response to what I was hearing than I genuine grasp on what it meant to follow Jesus.

Several years later, I entered college. And I was curious. I was curious about many things which had nothing to do with faith. Boys, illegal substances, zen and more boys. God was nowhere to be found on my list.

It wasn’t until nearly a decade later, in the wake of a new marriage, a cross-country move and the birth of my first child that I had an encounter with God I’ll never forget, and I knew there was no turning back. I was suffering from postpartum depression, struggling to make it through each day. He met me there in the middle of my darkness.

In the days following the surrender of my life to Christ, curiosity filled me. I dug into the Word like a drowning person gasping for air. I read books about faith, Jesus and ministry.

But like most believers, I eventually entered a season where it seemed as though God was distant. I would open my Bible with eager expectation for the words to come alive, only to be met with black and white ink on a page.

When I heard about Logan Wolfram’s book, Curious Faith, I was instantly intrigued because the description reminded me of the childlike wonder I had when I first entered into a relationship with God. As I read it, her words did not disappoint.

Logan shows her readers that God is not a character in a book, but a living person who desires a relationship with us.

She invites you into her story and a real, vulnerable way and shares her heartbreaks, disappointments and failures, unedited. She shows that by letting go of our white-knuckle control and surrendering our plans to God, we are able to enter into an adventure with him unlike anything we could imagine or orchestrate on our own.

If you think that life will break you, then at some point you will become afraid to really live it. -Logan Wolfram

Curious Faith made me realize I was trying to contain God, to make Him fit in the neat box I’d created for Him. Although I wasn’t aware if it, my actions illustrated this view I had of my relationship with Him.

But our God can’t be contained. And as Logan so beautifully illustrates, when we try to contain him we, “miss out on the adventure of faith.”

If you are feel like your relationship with God has grown stagnant and are looking to wake up a tired faith, Curious Faith is for you. Logan Wolfram’s writing will cause you to look at faith with fresh eyes, and will leave you hungry for a God who is waiting for you to come to Him.


Curious Faith Book Cover


Curious Faith is available for pre-order on Amazon now and Logan is including some fun freebies for those who order this week. It will be released on March 1, 2016.

The book includes an 8-session small group study and discussion guide. Your can order your copy of the book by clicking here.





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8 thoughts on “Do You Need to Wake Up Your Faith? {A Book Review}

  1. Abby,
    Speaking for all of us control freaks out here…thank you! Thank you for sharing your story and for directing us to Logan’s book. Life is an adventure in faith. The harder we try to hold on and control – the more we are missing out on. Needed this reminder today!


  2. This does sound like a good book. The takeaway you describe reminds me a little of my reaction to the book Wonderstruck by Margaret Feinburg. God definitely doesn’t fit in any box we try to make for Him.


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