Don’t Let Comparison Steal Your Purpose

When Comparison Steals Your Purpose

The morning was full of potential. I got up on time, didn’t check social media, and made the kids breakfast.

Then, after dropping my son off at the bus stop, I checked my email. And everything went downhill.

The intent of the message was positive. My reaction to it was not.

This successful blogger wanted to let me in on all of the secrets to success. And I’m sure deep down somewhere that I craved this knowledge.

But what I saw? The numbers. How many readers visited her site. How much income she brought in each month. It was though these stats represented some invisible gate-keeper and I was stuck on the outside, pushing a door that wouldn’t budge.

Comparison turns our vision into opposition. It turns our joy into jealousy.

As I sat there that Tuesday morning basking in self-pity, and knew I needed an attitude adjustment. And do you know what’s beautiful about asking God to change your attitude?

He always answers.

Sometimes he asks us to take a good long look at ourselves. Other times he sends a word of encouragement through a friend or family member. But he never fails to deliver.

Will you continue reading with me today? I’m sharing what God showed me about small beginnings over at Purposeful Faith. You can read the rest of my post here.

7 thoughts on “Don’t Let Comparison Steal Your Purpose

  1. I really need this reminder, Abby. Thank you. I compare myself far too often, but it can really hold me back from being who God wants me to be. I love this – “The Lord is pleased when we take the same care with the small as we do with the big.” Also about Him being the only platform we need. I try not to look at the numbers or the outward “success” but instead focus on – “Lord, what do You want me to write? What will be to Your glory?”


  2. Oh, wow, how this is resonating with me today! I struggle with jealousy, especially when I see God using other women in the ways I long Him to use me. This is and timely and inspiring word for me right now. Thank you 🙂


    • Thanks for your honesty, Megan. It’s a struggle for me too but God is showing me, very slowly, that his recognition is all the matters. And he knows us by name! Thanks for stopping by today and have a great weekend. 🙂

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  3. We all fall into that trap of comparison all too often. I love my husband dearly and so many times I wished I could respond like him instead of Jesus. My husband is slow to anger, gentle , kind and thinks through most everything he says. I, on they hand am swift to anger, not slow to speak, can be kind, but does not come natural. Yet my husband is a sinner just like me and when I compare myself to him I am not looking to Jesus. Thought provoking post.


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