Are We Smothering God’s Fire With Well-Meaning Activity?

margins of life

I poked at the fire, frustrated that it wasn’t staying aflame. This girl was no scout. The temperatures outside had reached single digits, and our furnace was having a hard time keeping up.

After spending an hour trying different techniques, adding wood, scraps of paper, and using more fire starters than any person should, the flame blazed hot enough for the wood stove’s fan to cut on, circulating the heat throughout the house. My mouth spread into a victorious smile.

The problem was, I didn’t know what I’d done right.

Later, after my husband returned from a business trip, he explained the basics of fire building to this city girl. I listened intently, determined not to have the predicament repeat itself.

Even my son, the cub scout, knew the basics of fire 101. I guess I should have asked him, right?

As any seasoned camper should know, fires need three basic components: heat, fuel, and oxygen.

It turns out, I had given my fire plenty of heat and fuel, but I’d neglected oxygen almost altogether. Instead of giving my flame room to breath by spreading the wood in a triangular shape, I’d smothered it.

Fires need room to breathe. And much like the flame I’d suffocated with its own fuel, I often adapt the same pattern in my spiritual life.

Will you continue reading with me today? I’m sharing what I learned about keeping God’s flame alive over at Purposeful Faith. Click here to read the rest of my post.


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2 thoughts on “Are We Smothering God’s Fire With Well-Meaning Activity?

  1. I love the thought of “creating a space to not simply read the Word, but hear from the Word.” We can so easily read the Word out of habit but don’t always take the time to really “hear” what God has to say to us personally. Thank you for this reminder, Abby.


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