When the News Makes You Want to Run in Fear

When the News Makes You Want to Run in Fear

Until last weekend, I thought Siri could get me anywhere I needed to go. If I was unsure where an address was, I slid into the driver’s seat, stated my destination and waited for her monochromatic voice to tell me my next move.

That is, until my husband and I tried public transportation. On a weekend trip to D.C., we reasoned that driving anywhere would be difficult and expensive. Opting to take the metro, we parked thirty minutes outside the city and trusted a time-tested tool to direct us to the hotel: a map.

It turns out, if you don’t know which direction you’re going, maps don’t help out much. And if you’re unclear about your current location, they do even less good.

Thankfully, my husband and I are easygoing people when we’re on vacation and were able to laugh about the situation. We ran around stations all over the city, trying to figure out what we were doing and watching other tourists do the same.

But even while I was scurrying from one stop to the next, smiling and rekindling a connection with my love, my mind kept going back to the Paris attack. It had happened less than twenty-four hours before we left, and the news kept popping up at various places around the city.

In the hotel lobby.

In the art museum where our bags were searched.

In passing conversations, flitting in and out of earshot.

I knew this city was a likely target. As the train buzzed through tunnels underground, I thought how easy it would be for a suspect to hop onboard, undetected by anyone.

In a moving car flying down a track at over one hundred miles per hour, my thoughts raced with increasing speed considering all the possibilities. I had no map or compass to direct my endless brooding. It was scattered and aimless.

After spending the day touring various sites and snapping photos, we returned to the safe confines of our home. I pet the dogs and did laundry. And then I heard the news of a threat to D.C.

Immediately my thoughts became anxious again, until I remembered the map. I recalled our wandering and the need to find bearings.

I realized knowing our position made all the difference.

Until we define Christ as our starting point, all forward progress will be aimless. We can’t get anywhere worthwhile if we don’t know where our home is.

Everyday, we can turn on the news and see stories that make our hearts sick. And if we choose to dwell on the horror and evil of it all, we will begin questioning the One who doesn’t change.

In a world full of evil and corruption, he is still good.

In a city thick with chaos and confusion, he is steady and secure.

When we fix our eyes on the Author of our hope, our steps are sure because we know where they’re going.

But I will sing of your strength, in the morning I will sing of your love; for you are my fortress, my refuge in times of trouble.

Psalm 59:16 NIV

We can keep singing because we know this world is not our home, and we can keep praying because we know the same God who spoke the planets into orbit hears each and every one. Mark your home base, friends. Draw an “x,” a circle, or whatever you have to do to remember.

And then know that no matter what, it can’t be moved.


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25 thoughts on “When the News Makes You Want to Run in Fear

  1. “…Can’t be moved.” Amen. So thankful for His faithfulness. It sure does make a peaceful difference when we “fix our eyes on Him,” no matter what area of life it’s in. Thanks for sharing, Abby. Lovely post. 🙂


    • Amen. It’s the only thing I know to do. And pray. Of course, pray. So thankful he is the unchanging Author of our hope. Thanks so much for stopping here today.


  2. I woke up this morning feeling stressed and frustrated by circumstances that are out of my control. I needed to read that God is my hope and refuge. I cannot fix the situation but I rest in the Lord.


    • Angela, I am sending up a prayer for you right now. I’m so glad you were given needed word today and I praise God for that. May you find rest in him, friend.


  3. Love that He is steady and sure and solid. Your words made me think of Psalm 46:5, “God is in the midst of her; she cannot be moved.” There is so much confusion and chaos these days, but you are so right – when God is our starting point, our final destination is secure. Love you, friend. Hope you and your guy had a wonderful getaway!


  4. Beautiful truth here today, Abby. The news CAN incite fear in our hearts. Sometimes in Turkey, especially after an incident, I get crazy thoughts when I walk into a church building. Will a suicide bomber walk in here? Or if I see someone strange on the metro. But I always try to remember where my starting point is AND what my final destination is: GOD! (Hope you enjoyed your trip. Now that my handy, find-everything wonder boy’s in college, I’ll have to learn to navigate myself when we travel!!! Horrors!)


    • Betsy, I know you will do great! Public transit is so wonderful, but can be a little scary at first. Once we got the hang of it, it was smooth sailing. (expect for a few unexpected delays)


  5. Thank you, Abby, for this encouraging reminder that God never changes and He is still good in the midst of all the chaos in this world. When we don’t fix our eyes on Him, all the horrible news is too heavy to bear. Blessings and hugs to you!


  6. Your post reaches down in and pulls up the sweetness of calm and direction for the reader, Abby. It reminds us of where our hope is, with Whom we point our direction. Loved this, my friend. Your writing is getting stronger and stronger. What a joy it has been, linking with you over the past 1.5 years and seeing the growth. When I grow up, I want to be just like you. 😉 (God’s version, of course! lol) Visiting via #intentionalTuesday


  7. Amen, Abby! We are living in time that could cause feeling of fear to mount, but if we hold onto Jesus as our homebase, we can hold onto His peace. Love this, friend!


  8. So so good, friend! I just read it again. 🙂 Love this–“When we fix our eyes on the Author of our hope, our steps are sure because we know where they’re going.” Thanks for sharing this today!


  9. Abby,
    This reminds me of when I was a little kid and we used to play “capture” and some point (usually the front porch) was home base…the place you knew you were safe. How true that Christ is our Home base…our starting point. If we keep returning to Him we don’t have to be afraid of what lies out there…loved this.
    Bev xx


  10. Abby, the Paris attacks were so unsettling. As far removed as I was, I could feel the fear threatening to rise! You are right that we have to start with Christ instead of the swirling news stories. Fixing our eyes on the Author of our hope and knowing that our days are secure in Him. Thank you, Abby. Good words for these days.


  11. Amen Abby! What an beautifully written post! Definitely encouraged as I read. I was just praying last night regarding direction. I am comforted that even though I may not be holding the “map”,God knows exactly where I’m going. I am seeking him so I do not get “lost” on the way! Thanks for sharing your trip to D.C. I went for my senior class trip many years ago. Oh how times are a changing! Have a wonderful week and God bless you and yours!


  12. Thank you for sharing! It is such a wonderful reminder of who we serve! We have to remember we are the light in a dark world… its a harsh reminder of the realities of the world, but beautiful at the same time that God created in us a heart that can see the beauty in everything! Thank you for sharing your heart, God bless you!


  13. Great meaning in this post. We are in Paris earlier this year, our first trip there. As we watched the horrors unfold, we wondered if the folks we met in Paris, the employees are our hotel, the people who served us in restaurants, those we exchanged smiles and thoughtful glances with, our cab drivers, folks we made polite conversation with, were harmed, hoping they were instead, safe.


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