A Prayer for Authenticity

life unstuck intro

We are down to the home stretch, folks. I have to admit, I am getting tired. But I thank each and every one of you who have showed my and encouraged me on this 31 day journey. You bless me more than you know. Today, as I have each Saturday, I am offering up a prayer. I hope you are encouraged to come before God with your own struggles, praises and regrets and draw into a closer relationship with him.

Lord, it can be so easy to keep our relationships with others at surface level. Our fears and insecurities prevent us from entering into those hard conversations and we go around masquerading fake smiles and endless pretenses of, “I’m fine.” But God, you know our thoughts before we even think them. You know all the hurt, the aches we can’t identify and the longings for what’s real. You go there, Lord, and you beckon us to come with you into the beautiful deep. God, help us to go there with you. Because when all the pretense melts away and we enter into that safe place, what we find is everything true, lovely, and worth pursuing.

In Jesus’ mighty name, 



*This post is part of the #Write31Days challenge. You can find all posts for this challenge here.


One thought on “A Prayer for Authenticity

  1. Abby,
    Beautiful prayer and just wanted to say…you’re almost there. What a good journey of coming “unstuck” this has been. Thank you for challenging me at every turn. I admire you for writing for 31 days…I can’t even seem to come up with one good post per week?! I hope and pray that this has been as good a journey for you as it has been for us, reading. May you find some well deserved rest this Sabbath!


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