2 Simple Truths That Can Help You Overcome Discouragement {A Guest Post}

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Today I’m honored to be welcoming my friend Betsy de Cruz back to the blog. I met Betsy at the She Speaks conference in 2014, and she immediately welcomed me with a hug and a smile. She has been a continual source of encouragement through all the ups and downs on this writing journey, and I am beyond blessed to call her a friend. Her writing always brings me back to the truth of scripture, but in a fresh new way. I know you will be encouraged by her words today as we continue this journey of becoming unstuck and finding freedom in Christ.

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Betsy enjoys God, life with teenagers and dark roast coffee. She and her crazy nomad family are currently spending nine months in Dallas, Texas, but they look forward to returning to Turkey, their favorite home. Betsy’s passion is to encourage women to get God’s word in, so their faith can spill out, even during life’s bumpy moments. She writes about everyday faith at faithspillingover.com. You can also connect with Betsy on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

2 Simple Truths to Help You Overcome Discouragement

The stranger at the door probably wondered if I had a few screws loose or just needed hormone therapy. I’d rushed to make dinner for my family, put on something cute, and drive 20 minutes to join a new ladies Bible study. When I rang the doorbell, a confused man answered the door. The group was meeting somewhere else that night, but no one had let me know. The poor man looked even more confused when I started crying.

I overreacted, but the clincher was they’d changed the meeting night the week before without calling me, so I’d already missed the first study.

My family and I had just moved to a new city. We faced some tough transition issues, and I felt a desperate need for fellowship and encouragement. Now I wondered, “Do those ladies even want me in their group?” As I got back in my car, the weight of all my concerns came crashing down.

I felt stuck in discouragement.

During the drive home, I tried to regain perspective. Maybe the group leader had problems of her own and simply forgot to call me. God’s ability to renew my heart didn’t hinge on one Bible study.

As I told my husband the story later, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “I’m definitely not feeling the love from that group,” I said.

At that moment, I got a text message from my son. It said, “I love you, Mom.”

And I knew it was God speaking to me. That reminder of God’s love changed my outlook.

We all face tough circumstances.

Job challenges, houses that don’t sell, and kids who don’t act like we want them to can get us down. It’s easy to get stuck in a cycle of negative thoughts, but God is always there to renew our minds and hearts when we turn to Him.

When I’m discouraged, it helps to return to the simple truths I already know. The Bible gives us a promise with two plain truths we can grab hold of:

“The LORD’s unfailing love surrounds the one who trusts in him.” Ps. 32:10 NIV

2 Simple Truths Graphic

The Plain Truth that Overrides Discouragement:

  1. God Loves Me.

He loves me with an unfailing love. He loves you. Now before you roll your eyes at me, remember I told you it was the plain and simple truth. Most of us have heard this since we were kids. We sang “Jesus loves me” in Sunday school, but we often live as though we don’t believe it.

  1. I Can Trust Him.

With God’s love surrounding us, we’re in a safe place. He loves us perfectly. We can trust that He has good plans for us. The same all-powerful God who raised Jesus from the dead is working in our lives.

When life gets hard, we don’t have to stay stuck. God will help us move forward out of discouragement as we meditate on His truth, pray it, and declare it to ourselves. Some days I need to rehearse the simple truth over and over in my mind: “God loves me. I can trust Him.”

Friends, let’s move forward with God. Will you pray together with me? “Lord, I know you love me. Show me more of your love today.”


*This post is part of the #Write31Days challenge. You can find all posts for this series here.

40 thoughts on “2 Simple Truths That Can Help You Overcome Discouragement {A Guest Post}

  1. Betsy, it’s always good to know those truths: God loves us, and we can trust in Him. And you’re right, repeating those truths help. What do people do who don’t have God to hold them up?
    Thank you for your words this morning.


  2. Betsy, we are moving again next summer, so you’re bible study story hit home with me. I fear I won’t make special friends in our new place like I did here when we moved two years ago. But those simple truths remind me God wants the best for me and will not leave me to live life alone. Thank you for your words.
    Visiting from Testimony Tuesday


    • Oh Sarah. I understand how you feel. I’m praying right now that God will be preparing a place for you BEFORE you go. We’ve lived in Dallas almost 2 months, and things are already getting better! (And later, when I found out what the Bible study leader was going through, I totally understood her forgetting me!)


  3. Dear Betsy … my eyes fill. I needed to read and grab hold of these 2 simply powerful truths this morning and make them mine. Discouragement looms around the corner. I refuse to go there.

    Thank you, thank you …

    And thanks, Abby, for inviting your dear friend to share this space with you today. Blessings to you!


    • Oh Linda, I’m praying for you. Discouragement often looms around the corner even in the best of times, and you’ve gone through some hard ones lately. May the Lord grab hold of you with the truth that He loves you!


  4. Breathing a sigh of relief here. Timeless truth like this — God loves me and I can trust Him — will never get old to my ears. Now if I could just remember, every single day, to filter everything that happens through that grid of truth . . .


  5. Wow, wow, and more wow! God’s timing could not have been more perfect on this one, girls. Thank you for letting God use you to speak this important reminder today:)


  6. Betsy,
    Sometimes we make it way more complicated than it needs to be…simple, basic, truth to return to…that’s what our/my heart needs to stay grounded. Thank you for reminding me of that today!! Also praying for you and your beloved Turkey…and all the people killed and hurt in the bombings. You are ALL in my prayers!!


    • Thank you, Bev. We were very upset by the bombings. 90+ people passed into eternity without Christ. I’m a simple truths girl. When life gets overwhelming, I can only get my mind around the simplest things… 🙂


  7. Oh, Betsy, I’m familiar with that new-girl feeling. I’ve moved a lot, and it’s hard connecting in new cities; it sure seems harder than it did when we were in school. What a sweet love story, of God sending you the text…and with your son being obedient to that nudge, even though he didn’t recognize He was being used by God in that moment. Love that. Praise God that He loves us, and that we can trust Him. Two simple truths that never grow old. Thanks for sharing. And, thank you too, Abby. ((Hug))


    • Yes, I could hardly believe it when I got that text! I knew it was surely God speaking. It probably is harder to connect today due to people being more busy and stressed (I think?). But we are getting settled in, praise God.


  8. Sounds like you’ve struck a chord today, Betsy. The simplest truths are often the most powerful, aren’t they? I love it when God shows His love through things like that sweet text from your son. I needed to read this today … thank you!


  9. So. True. We’ve all been there and these are good reminders. Don’t you love when God sends those love note reminders in your day?


  10. God loves me and I can trust Him. Truths I really needed to be reminded of today. Thank you so much, Betsy. We can get so stuck in our circumstances and easily feel rejected or passed over, but if we can keep these truths in mind, we are never alone, are we?


  11. Thanks for sharing, Betsy — I can just imagine how you would have felt. For me, discouragement usually comes after one of my kids has had a meltdown or something’s gone wrong at school … I just want to give up sometimes because progress seems so slow (or we’re REgressing). Focusing on God’s love and trustworthiness is really sound advice. I can look back to times in the past and say that yes, God did show that He loved me and was looking after our family. That gives some encouragement to keep going.


    • Yes, Jeannie. I can relate to facing discouragement when one of our kids has a meltdown or a problem. (That’s the part of the story I didn’t share here…. 🙂 ) Simple truth: God loves me. That’s about all I can handle thinking about some days. But it encourages me.


  12. Words of truth, Betsy. I wanted to reach into these electronic pages, give you a great big hug, and say, “I’m sorry.” My women’s ministry heart thumped all over the place with your words. But alas, the true Comforter was available. Always. So thankful. xo

    Liked by 1 person

    • Do you know, Kristi? Later when I found out what the Bible study leader was going through, I TOTALLY understood how she forgot me. I also took it as a warning to be careful as a leader myself: you never know what one in your group might be going through!


  13. Betsy, I’ve been there with you – moving to a new area and feeling discouraged and doubtful. What a fabulous God we have, who can even get his message of love to us through a text message. God is so eager to shout out his love for us. Thanks for your post.


  14. Two simple, but incredibly important truths here, Betsy! It’s amazing how easily I can forget or question them both. What a sweet text from your son. I love when God talks to us through our people :).


  15. Betsy..I love these 2 simple truths! sometimes simple is best! I can remember these 2! i am so thankful that God loves me and I can trust Him. That is the best feeling in the world not matter what the circumstances! Thank you for sharing these wonderful reminders and I hope you are now on same page with your bible study group now!


    • Thanks for reading my words today, Horace. It means a lot to me. You’re right, no matter what our circumstances, things are at least a bit better when we remember we have a loving God we can trust. (And yes, I’m now on the same page with the Bible study groups!)


  16. Have been there way too often, but I just love how God puts words of encouragement before us (if we’re paying attention).You sent words to me yesterday that ‘unstuck’ me when I was feeling discouraged. Love that reminder to keep trusting God, even when we’re not entirely sure where He’s taking us.


  17. I know I’ve experienced these same kinds of disappointment- we all have! These truths about God are so encouraging. He really does love us and he is trustworthy. I loved reading this post.


    • Thanks so much for reading, Dawn. Those little daily disappointments (and the big ones!) are part of life, aren’t they. I know you’re one who knows how to stick with God and move past them!


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