Why Sometimes You Have to Abandon the Routine

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I am a woman who thrives on routine. As much as I love the longer days of summer, the sleeping in and the trips to the coast, a few months in I always go a little crazy. The lack of a schedule makes me start counting the days until the school doors will open around late July.

So when my husband suggested we take a spontaneous trip to a state park yesterday, my first thought was, “What about church? We always go to church on Sunday. Should we?”

The more I listened to my inner monologue, the more I wondered when I became so legalistic. Like church had become more like an item to check off my to-do list than a place of rest.

Sickness had wiped out our family for the past two weeks and it was the first Sunday in weeks when the sun was shining. Vibrant, fleeting fall colors beckoned us. With an upcoming conference and work trip on the calendar, I knew it would be one of our last opportunities to savor these days before winter settled in to stay.

“Let’s go for it,” I said, feeling like a kid as I envisioned flowing waterfalls and treks through the woods.

Sometimes to become unstuck, you have to leave your routine at the door.




Our faith is as integral to our family as breathing, so gathering together to worship and build community is important. But yesterday God’s creation became our church.

The reds and ambers became filters for the sun which shined a little brighter and stay a little longer, all because we chose to notice it and linger. My husband gave each of our boys a camera so they could capture the images in their own way, through their eyes.

It was not a perfect day. Little one’s camera’s battery died as soon as we got to the falls. Shortly after we made the hike down to the river, my oldest slipped into the water and had to hike the rest of the trail with a soaked shoe. And I did not get the family photos I visualized in front of the falls.

I know, perfect photos with kids involved? Not likely.

But when we recounted the highlights of the day later that evening and my seven-year-old said, “This was the best day ever,” we all had to agree it was. And I realized spontaneity and lack of a schedule was just what we needed.

It was a day set aside for rest, and rest was exactly what we did.


*This post is part of the #Write31Days challenge. You can find all posts for this challenge here.

4 thoughts on “Why Sometimes You Have to Abandon the Routine

  1. I love that God’s creation became your church! Yes, yes, yes,sometimes we have to leave routine behind. So good to have a change, isn’t it? I’m guessing you’ll be at Allume this coming weekend.


  2. What a beautiful day! Time with family, enjoying God’s creation, and making sweet memories. Perfect days certainly don’t exist in this world. But, oh, the joy that awaits us when we open our eyes to the blessings God has set before us. So glad your family is well again. Thank you for your faithfulness to sharing your testimony with us. Your words are such an encouragement to me!


  3. Awe, I love that, Abby. Makes me wanna do the same. 🙂 Glad y’all had a good day of worshiping the Lord in the church of His creation. ❤ ((hug))


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