Giving God Your Wish List Life {A Guest Post}

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Today I’m thrilled to welcome my dear friend Meredith back to the blog. I met Meredith via an online writing class and was instantly drawn to her welcoming spirit and authentic words. I had the pleasure of meeting her on person at the She Speaks conference in 2014, and hope to connect again in the near future. One of the things I love about this woman of God is her willingness to lay it all out there- the messiness and the truth- for the sake of drawing others to his Truth.

Meet Meredith-2

Meredith is a perfectly imperfect Daughter of the King, wife to her cattle man and “Mama” to two Littles ages 4 and 7. She spends her days chasing kids and cows on their farm and she shares an authentic glimpse into her heart and life online through her Lens and her Pen. She can also be found encouraging women to THE WAY at For a few tears, laughs and raw inspiration, follow her on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Giving God Your Wish List Life

Mama always said I would wish my life away. Seemed like every day I was wishing for something I didn’t have and something someone else did. Seems like I still find myself in the same pattern – except the wishes I have today are more soul-deep than superficial.

I wish I had skin as tough as my head is often perceived to be.

I wish I was more of a “stand-up” girl, than forever feeling like a “pushed-down” girl.

I wish I could run as free as a river in what I know is mine in Christ, instead of constantly facing the dam of regret that gets me stuck – again and again.

I knew a lot in my head that has a hard time making a home in my heart.

Maybe you’ve been there?

Maybe you are the one who sees only the good in people and then when the bad in people comes out and hits you from behind, you don’t have the strength to pull yourself back up to give love and trust another chance.

Maybe you are a “people-pleasing-good-girl” that has found her way into bad decisions and maybe they happened yesterday or maybe they happened twenty years ago, but the scab stays bloody fresh, because you can’t get past the shame.

Here’s the thing. God can handle our wish-list-life. All of it. The wishing we were not who He made us. The wishing we could just live in the Image He did make us in.

God can handle every bit of it and that’s exactly what He wants to do – take our wish-list life and replace it with His-list of forgiveness, grace, love and truth.

When we give Him our doubts, pain, shame, regret, fear, frustration and failings, He becomes the bridge over the dam keeping us from living in the freedom-flow only He can give.


He didn’t come for us to live stuck, but to live full and abundant in His truth.

The enemy has one goal- that we would stay mired in the lies he feeds us. The only sure-fire defense against a lie is Truth. The only sure way to distinguish darkness in our lives is to let Christ shine His light in the places we would rather cover and hide, realizing nothing is hidden from Him in the first place.

This living unstuck is a process. There’s no quick fix for a life-time of habits and failings that have gotten us stuck in the first place. But God can handle that, too. His yoke is easy and His burden is light. He’s not asking for us to come perfect, He’s just asking us to come.


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*This post is part of the #Write31Days challenge. You can find all posts for this series here.


12 thoughts on “Giving God Your Wish List Life {A Guest Post}

  1. Thank you for this awesome message of freedom in Christ, Meredith. I love this line – ” When we give Him our doubts, pain, shame, regret, fear, frustration and failings, He becomes the bridge over the dam keeping us from living in the freedom-flow only He can give.”

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  2. Love this, Mer. He asks us to come with it all. So glad He never asks us to check our baggage at the door! This people pleasing comparer would be in heaps of trouble. So grateful He travels beside us and willingly takes what we give. Love your heart and words, friend…ALWAYS blessed by them.

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