Abundance or Leftovers?

life unstuck intro

Bebo Norman’s Only Hope is the first song that captured my heart as a new follower of Christ. The lyrics summarize what I believe is at the core of so many stuck hearts: a belief that God has nothing better for them. We often want scraps and leftovers when God is offering us a feast.

I encourage you to sit and worship to this song today and listen to what the artist is saying. God wants us to have so much more than a mediocre existence. He promises us a life of abundance. When we are in step with his Spirit and moving forward in obedience, we experience the type of fullness Bebo describes.

He is more than we can ask, think or imagine, but when we sit a little while and are still in the presence of his Spirit, he gives us little glimpses into his person. Rest with him today, friend.

He’s holding you tight.



*This is post four of the #Write31Days challenge. You can find all posts for this series here.


One thought on “Abundance or Leftovers?

  1. Abby,
    I say that I was willing to settle for a “tootsie roll” when God wanted to give me a “Godiva Bar”. Thank you for the reminder that God wants to not only give to us, but to give abundantly. Enjoying reading along with you…will give the song a listen today…
    Blessings and a blessed Sunday to you,
    ps. Where IS the sunshine?????


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