How Do You Let Go of Fear?

perfect light

I awoke from the dream covered in sweat, trembling. Where was my phone? I needed to call my in-laws.

Yes, that’s where the kids were. Were they okay? Had something terrible happened?

Perhaps this was God’s way of telling me about some impending tragedy. I couldn’t get the visual of the body bag out of my head. Everything trickled in and out of my subconscious but was so real, so palpable. I grasped my surroundings to remember where I was.

My mother-in-law immediately texted me and told me the boys were fine. I sighed and my body relaxed little. It was the morning after a weekend blogging conference and I busied myself with packing and checking my flight itinerary.

But no matter how much I occupied my hands and feet, I could not occupy my mind.

For days, the images flitted in and out. I analyzed possible meanings and wondered if the enemy was plotting an attack.

My mind went down an endless trail of what-ifs. God’s grace was nowhere to be found in my endless wandering around the land of the unknown.

When I considered telling others about the dream, I held back, thinking I’d be judged. Or perhaps, even worse, my fears would be confirmed.

Over the next few days, my thoughts were consumed. I was convinced something catastrophic was going to happen and I braced myself for it.

One morning as I sipped coffee and checked email, dear friends sent voice texts back and forth. After our usual pleasantries the topic shifted. Here was my opening. They were discussing fear. Still, I hesitated.

When you bring your worst fears out into the open you have to encounter the worst one of them all: the fear that they are real. With everything in me, I longed for this not to be the case.

With obvious uncertainty, I told my story. I brought my burden before my sisters and relayed all the horrific details of the nightmare. And instead of judgment, I received love.

God’s perfect light cannot cast out fear which is left in the dark.

When we bring our worries out into the open, the body of Christ can speak life into us and help us see the truth. They show us that fear is not of God, but of the one who wants us to live my life in a state of paralysis and what-ifs.

For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

2 Timothy 1:7 NIV

Friend, if you’re struggling with fear today, I encourage you to bring it to your Heavenly Father. He already knows, and is more than capable of easing your anxious mind. And then, tell someone else you trust to help you gain perspective. It’s amazing how often our mind exaggerates situations which are beyond our control.

That afternoon, as I stepped out of the dark and into his glorious light, I saw everything around me more clearly. No weapon formed against me would prosper. No, I was safe in the arms of the Father.

Stepping out into the lingering warmth of summer, I had spring to my step for the first time in days. And the view was magnificent.


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20 thoughts on “How Do You Let Go of Fear?

  1. Abby,
    Thanks for being willing to be vulnerable and share your story here. I think we ALL have those kinds of thoughts and left unchecked they begin to feed upon themselves. Only when we hold them up to the light of God’s truth do we see them for what they are- lies concocted by the enemy. Having sisters-in-Christ with whom you can openly share those fears and who can shed the light of Christ upon them is a true blessing. Thanks again for sharing…that we each might not feel so alone in our fears.
    Bev xx


    • Bev, I am so blessed to have a friend like you who’s walked the road of motherhood before me and made it through. I can’t tell you how much you’ve encouraged me along the way. Blessings and hugs to you. xoxo


  2. It IS a week of overcoming fear, isn’t it? Abby, I feel so strongly that the Lord is pointing to His trust in light of fear’s dark shadow. Love your post. It builds even more on the faithfulness of God versus fear. You go, girl!


    • Yes, God is speaking! It always amazes me how he’ll lay the same message on hearts with no conversation between the writers who share it. Thanks for your encouragement, dear friend. xoxo


  3. Abby, thanks so much for telling your story so openly. I can relate. My mind just spirals into overdrive sometimes. I see a little mole and think “cancer.” My son is 5 minutes late, and I’m worried! I love this encouragement to take our fears to God, and yes, I definitely think bringing them into His light by sharing them with others somehow breaks the dark power that Satan tries to exert over us. I’ve experienced it more than once! 2 Tim. 1:7, all the way! Love to you.


    • Betsy, I am always blessed by friends like you who have walked the road of motherhood a little ways ahead of me and can encourage me in these moments of fear and heartache. Thank you so much for all your heart-filled words. Love you.


  4. Gosh, do I ever know that panic, the horrific imaginings–especially as a parent I find this is common for me..and a need to return over and over again to the love of God for His light to shine on such darkness. I pray always for protection, too, and the rest in God’s assurance. Thanks for sharing your story, and the way back to God’s light!


    • Yes, prayer is such a powerful and often underused tool. It’s amazing how much peace we can receive just by coming to the throne of grace. Thanks so much for visiting.


  5. Such a wise admonition to heed James 5:16 and find a friend to pray and listen so that we will bear burdens together. i a so glad that nothing happened, but thrilled that you found grace waiting in the sharing and the affirmation of true friendship as you shared the hard things.



    • Being a mom has truly shown me how much I need community. I was always a bit of a loner before, but am so much fuller now that I embrace my need for others. Thanks so much for visiting here, Dawn. Blessings to you.

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  6. “When we walk in the light as He is in the light we have fellowship with one another…” I’m always amazed by the grace I receive when I take that step out of my comfort zone and open up to my sisters in Christ. Thanks for sharing this! Very encouraging!


  7. “God’s perfect light cannot cast out fear which is left in the dark.” What a beautiful and powerful sentence! I have definitely had those times of nagging foreboding, and I too have finally just decided the fear is not from God. He directs, empowers and equips us for what we are facing today, in this moment — not for what we someday, somewhere, might maybe face.

    For “sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.”

    One step at a time, in the light of His presence. ❤


  8. Thank you for your openness and great encouragement and reminder. In Dutch we have a poem about it. I have translate it for you but In Dutch it sounds much more beautiful because it rhymes. (Whenever I was afraid my mom said: “Remember the poem by Nicolaas Beets!”)

    A man often suffers’ most
    By the suffering for things he fears
    but never, never is coming.
    So he has to carry more
    Then God him gives to carry

    Suffering itself, seems less severe
    compared to the fears of all kinds of danger.
    But once it comes into the house,
    then God always helps again
    And gives He strength to carry the cross.


  9. Beautiful post, Abby! Fear and worry drain the joy out of today and the hope for tomorrow. I’ve ruined many a day trapped in fear. But God is the source of peace, joy, and hope. Sharing my fears with Him and with others who will lift me up always brings me release.


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