Fulfilled: Book Review and Giveaway


I walked away from the church at a young age.

I felt like everyone within its walls was a hypocrite, and I projected the shortcomings of others onto an unchanging, holy God. My life became a chase for one element that would fill me, whether it be a relationship, a high, or a lifestyle. I didn’t realize until much later how I’d walked away from the only relationship which could satisfy the deepest desires of my heart.

Since I am hard-headed and independent, it took a cross-country move, the birth of my first child and over a year of postpartum depression to bring me to the foot of the cross and God’s mercy. He was relentless in his pursuit of me, and ever since a brisk November day when I relinquished control, I’ve pursued Him.

My history is one of the primary reasons why I was so excited to hear about friend Danise Jurado’s book, Fulfilled. I had the amazing opportunity to review her book before the official release date on August 25th, and I am honored to share some of the insights I gleaned from her words.

The message of the book is simple: We can only be filled by One, and his name is Jesus. And what is so beautiful about our relationship with him is that he doesn’t just fill one small area of our lives. He fills every aspect. Fulfilled‘s chapters go through many of these aspects and shows the reader how let herself be transformed by God’s redemptive power over sin, guilt, and thought patterns.

Fulfilled‘s is a message everyone needs to hear, especially in a culture which tells us we will be content if we will just try the latest diet, fashion, exercise or success plan which is being sold by the internet and social media.

Danise spares no expense when sharing her story and her voice is authentic and vulnerable. One of the aspects I love about her book is how she shares the hardships she faced after she made the decision to follow Jesus. Sometimes followers have the false perception that after salvation our lives will be painless, but Danise shows how God not only uses struggles to refine our character, but to bring hope to others.

In the chapter, “Restoration,” she shares some of the darkest moments in her life, some of which included thoughts of suicide. Her husband suffered from alcoholism, and she felt powerless and devoid of hope. But even during a period where she states, in all rawness, “I felt no love for Him,” God pursues her.

His pursuit of us does end where our relationship with Him begins. His faithfulness is endless and unchanging.

Danise shares,

I know that God was right there with me. He was so faithful to me during a time that I was void of faith.

Page 26

God uses the love Danise has for her daughter to get her through a turbulent time, and after many years of prayers and struggles He heals her husband. Her story of the rocky times they experienced in their marriage is one of many she uses to show God’s power to restore even the most ugly, broken parts of our lives and turn them into beautiful testimonies of his grace.

She illustrates how God is the source and answer to all areas of life where on our own, we lack: confidence, joy, hope, courage and comfort. He not only meets our need, but fills us to overflowing.

I am beyond thankful to Danise for writing this book. I know it will bless and free many hearts, and I pray God uses her words to bring others to the life-changing power of the Gospel.


I am thrilled to offer one of my readers a signed copy of Fulfilled before its official release date on August 25th! To enter, simply comment on this post below. You can be entered a second time by sharing on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+. Please let me know if you shared the post in your comment. I will announce the winner on Thursday, August 20th.


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15 thoughts on “Fulfilled: Book Review and Giveaway

  1. What a beautiful message Danise is sharing. I look forward to reading her story and testimony of God’s presence and deliverance in her life and marriage. We often feel hopeless and give up because we don’t see how God is at work behind the scenes. I pray the Lord uses this book to give hope and determination to persevere to all who read it. Thanks for sharing, Abby! (Sharing this post on Twitter.)


  2. Thank you for sharing about Danise’s book, Abby. It looks like something every woman will enjoy. Can’t wait to read it!


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