On the Days When Your Patience is Wrecked

everyday mundane

“It’s hotter than a microwave out there!” my seven-year-old exclaims as he runs back into the house. Despite my frustration, I can’t help but laugh. Where does he get his flare for the dramatic?

I put away dishes and my mind races to find something for my boys to do. Little brother sees Jay and wrestles him to the ground. After gasping for breath and stumbling off the floor, my oldest chases him through the house until little one crashes on the floor, screaming.

I wonder how it’s possible neither one of them has a concussion. I wonder why it’s so difficult to keep them from killing each other on these endless summer days.

“How about we put some more water in the kiddie pool?” I say, trying to muster some enthusiasm. I remember the previous day when my youngest bit through his tongue after falling off the side of the pool.

My nerves are so thin they’re transparent. When my toddler requests his 100th snack for the day I feel like spreading out the remains of our fridge on the floor and telling him to help himself.

Why is this so hard? How can these little pieces of me that bring me so much joy one moment send me clamoring for a piece of sanity the next?

In my silent pleas to God, I think he must be losing his patience with his overtired mama. I ask him for peace. I ask him for strength.

Yes, I ask him for patience too. And please don’t tell me asking for patience is asking for a trial to test my patience. I’ll keep on asking for it anyway.

In the middle of all my pleading and venting to a God I’m sure is chuckling at some of my kids’ antics, he gives me a hug. And it’s wrapped in the tiny package of my oldest son.

“I’ll never say ‘no’ to a hug,” my big boy says with a smile. He wraps himself around me tight and I can feel the tension in my body release.

In the middle my meltdowns and nerves over my kids, God often wrecks me with their grace.

They don’t hold it back. It flows out of them as naturally as water from a riverbed.

I see myself as the exhausted mama who can’t hold it together but to them I’m superwoman, dispensing an endless smorgasbord of snacks and kissing countless boo-boos.

God reaches down in the middle of all my ordinary, lingering summer days and says, “I’m here. Don’t give up. Don’t quit.”

Some of God’s greatest miracles are not in the thunder and the noise, but in the everyday mundane.

When we recognize those moments and allow them to linger just a little more, we catch glimpses of his glory. And as take it in, his glory reflects in us with new radiance.


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12 thoughts on “On the Days When Your Patience is Wrecked

  1. Abby, amen! Tears flowing with memories of all the many times God’s grace has wrecked me in the midst of stressful situations…He loves us so…thank for this precious post…many blessings to you and your sweet boys ❤️


  2. “When my toddler requests his 100th snack for the day I feel like spreading out the remains of our fridge on the floor and telling him to help himself.” Haha- I love it. My kids would love to eat every hour too and just keeping up with feeding them is time consuming. Feeling stretched is part of the spiritual life and I often remind myself that many great leaders spent lots of time with sheep and other needy creatures. It’s worth the potential beauty that may emerge from our refinement of character 🙂 #livefree


  3. Melt downs and running thin on patience, dont we all have these moments.
    My little daughter is a hand full! I mean it but I find God strenghtening me and as you said may be smiling at both of us *wink*
    I enjoyed your post and had to share on facebook.

    Many Blessings Abby


  4. August is such a hard time for mommas! It’s sooo hot here in Texas, and the thrill of ‘summer’ has long since faded away. It is definitely these times we long for God’s peace – and a heaping dose of endurance! God is so faithful to provide just the right whisper of encouragement when we need it most:) Thank you for sharing what many are feeling right now, Abby. Blessings!


  5. Oh how I wish the internet and your blog had been around when my kids were little and I wanted to pull my hair out! God kept me going on those hard, stress-filled days (usually brought about by my own doing). And He often spoke through the words or actions of my little ones. What wondrous grace!


  6. “Spreading the remains of the frig on the floor” had me laughing, girl. 🙂 Most mamas can relate. I must agree with you, however, about this: “In the middle my meltdowns and nerves over my kids, God often wrecks me with their grace.” It’s happened over and over, still does in ways. The beauty of the body, within our own homes and under one roof, at work. Enjoyed your post, Abby. #livefreeThursday


  7. Amen sweet Abby, and God touches your heart with the beauty that is his comfort in the chaos and the turbulence. Beautiful words, beautiful heart and beautiful you – in this post!


  8. Abby, I love your words because they help me know I’m not alone in this mothering thing! His miracles are wrapped up in the living in and out of our everyday calling… loving those around us and leaning into Him.
    Thank you for these words! (Stopping by from #LiveFreeThrusday)


  9. Love it!!!! My little boy hugs me too. When Mommy looks frazzled – he comes up to me and says – mommy needs a hug and seven year old wrap around me and he loves on me. I love it.!!!!


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