When Worship is the Last Thing on Your Mind

singing in the rain

I’ll be the first person to admit it.

Sometimes I don’t feel like worshipping. I’d rather grumble and complain. I’d rather vent to a friend about my three-year-old’s latest antics. I moan about my worries and stress until I can’t sleep.

It’s not that don’t I don’t know I’m blessed or don’t see all of the beautiful gifts God has given me. No, I can look around me and see how much I have to be thankful for.

But instead, I often let my feelings dictate whether or not I worship. And our feelings are often flighty and self-absorbed, aren’t they?

Recently, I read a post on a well-known Christian website and then listened to message on praise and the various ways we can exalt God.

What I realized when I sat down and allowed their words to penetrate my heart was this: worship is a choice.

In the words of author and speaker Becky Harling,

Praising God isn’t just some glib hallelujah when finances are prospering, your health is flourishing, and your health is thriving. Praising God is an intentional declaration by faith that exalts God above your life circumstances.

When I choose to praise God even when I’m tired and don’t feel like it, he takes my offering and honors it. By deciding to praise him even when I don’t sense his presence or see his hand, I act in faith.

I acknowledge that God’s glory goes beyond my circumstances.

And without faith, it is impossible to please God, right? (Hebrews 11:6) I lift my voice and my hands, I give God my heart and say, “Here, God. Even though my situation isn’t ideal, I’m trusting you. Take my heart and transform it.”

Do you know what the beautiful part is? He does. He takes our offering and little by little, transforms our hearts to be more like his.

With each decision to worship him despite our circumstances he makes us more like his Son Jesus, who despite brutal death before him, broke the bread and gave thanks.

Despite knowing the torment he would later endure, he chose to thank the Father. And that, my friends, is worship in it’s highest, most perfect form.

So today, when the storm starts and I don’t see an end in sight, I’m lifting my hands. I’m shouting, “Glory,” even though the sun isn’t shining, because he is worthy.

Even though I don’t see a break in the clouds, my heart feels lighter already.


Photo credit: Pensiero / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

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16 thoughts on “When Worship is the Last Thing on Your Mind

  1. I love this, Abby: “I’m shouting “Glory” even though the sun isn’t shining. Worship is about the last thing I want to do sometimes too. But nothing changes my attitude and my heart like stoping to acknowledge God’s goodness. Such an important topic, friend.


  2. Abby, You are so right, our emotions often follow out choices. When we set our affections on Christ He lifts our spirits. How amazing, God has so designed us that sacrificing our grumbling to enter His courts with praise helps us!


  3. I love this, Abby! “I’m shouting ‘Glory!’ even though the sun isn’t shining, because He is worthy.” Thanks for the powerful reminder that worship is always a choice–and that God always deserves our worship, no matter what our circumstances look like. It’s always a blessing to see you at #LiveFreeThursday!


  4. It’s so true, Abby. Sometimes we get in our own way, don’t we? It’s a beautiful thing when God finds us in those spaces and we set aside selfishness to worship. It’s an amazing thing when the Worship chooses us and we can’t help but submit and give it our all. Great food for thought on doing despite feeling. xo


  5. Love this comment you mentioned –> “Praising God is an intentional declaration by faith that exalts God above your life circumstances.” Completely yes. I’m with you, Abby. Worship often seems foreign on those frustrating or heavy days. I’m learning week by week how much more worship on those days is necessary. Praise God. Have a beautiful day, beautiful friend. #livefreeThursday


    • Yes, I loved that quote and had to share. It really got me thinking about worship. I am always blessed by your visits, Kristi. Thanks so much for your support, dear friend.


  6. Abby,
    This is a VERY timely post for me! As you know, I’ve been dealing with some difficult physical issues and I admit that praise and worship have not always been #1 on my agenda. You are right, though, praise and worship are a choice…they don’t naturally flow out of our self-absorbed feelings. Choosing today, to thank God for His goodness even in the midst of these trials. Thanks for the reinforcement of this precious truth!!
    Love you,


    • Oh Bev, I know you’ve been going through a difficult time and I’ve been lifting you up in prayer. You are a blessing in my life and I pray God comforts you and showers you with his love in the coming days and weeks. xoxo


  7. Our intentional praise has the power to transforms us … mold us … into His image. I pray His praises never leave my lips … even and especially when worship isn’t my first response. So thankful I saw your words on Kristi’s site. Thank you, Abby, for this call to worship! : )


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