When You’re the New Girl and You Feel Alone


“Yep, I could hang out with you.”

I chuckled at my new friend’s words. We’d just met a few weeks ago and our families were having lunch for the first time. She seemed so confident in our budding relationship.

When my husband and I had moved cross-country nearly a year ago, I’d immediately become pregnant with our first child. My friend and I talked about babies as my belly bulged beneath the table.

I was due the following month and the idea of welcoming a newborn with no family nearby terrified me. With newfound hope, I exchanged phone numbers with my friend before hopping into my vehicle and vowed to call her soon.

But a month later when the baby came, I was thrown into the world of unfamiliar. The promise of a friendship was forgotten.

As we journey through life, there are certain seasons when God gives us someone who pursues us. Even when you don’t want to be pursued, they simply show up, say, “I’m here” and do not take “no” for an answer.

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