Help End Sex Trafficking Now

WOW CC abby L

I remember the first time I heard the word “sex trafficking” mentioned. It was six years ago, and I was watching the movie Taken with my husband and in-laws.

I was appalled. It shook me to the core to realize that this trade was not just taking place on the silver screen, but in real life. I had recently become a new mother, and the thought of my child suffering such a violent crime made me sick to my stomach.

Movies and social media help make us aware of sex trafficking, but how are we to stop it? What can we do now to help the victims of the sex trade rebuild their lives and escape the horrendous circumstances they are faced with? It is easy to feel helpless over a situation that affects so many, but there are ways we can offer support.

One way we can help is to provide a sustainable income. We can provide jobs for these women who have suffered the unthinkable and give them a way to make a living.

When I heard about an organization called Work of WorthI was both excited and intrigued because this company is actually doing something to make a difference. Not only that, but it is easy to get involved and impact lives without even leaving your home.

Work of Worth exists to sustainably employ entrepreneurs in dignity from poverty and the sex trade. Each purchase of their quality items helps to support men and women who desire a choice for freedom and dignity for their families.

This organization is dedicated to utilizing the power of commerce to free the oppressed throughout the world. WoW exists primarily as an import and distribution company, for the purpose of connecting entrepreneurs and businesses in the developing world to the Western market. The result becomes people of worth who are transformed, sustainably employed, changing the poverty cycle, and freed from trafficking.

Work of Worth is devoted to philanthropic entrepreneurship in impoverished regions of the developing world through importing manufactured goods from entrepreneurs in the developing world to markets in the United States. WoW supports and promotes entrepreneurs dedicated to treating their employees with dignity, paying a fair wage, and transforming lives.

We invite you to see their product offerings and spread the word so that they may sustain a future for their family’s and future generations.

Your Curated Collection with Work of Worth impacts hundreds of men, women, and families for generations. It begins a journey to freedom, dignity and a better life. You are making an eternal impact in the lives of entrepreneurs and changing communities for generations to come.


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19 thoughts on “Help End Sex Trafficking Now

  1. Love that you did this Abby! Great pics. I have plans to post on this too. Let’s end this trafficking. I pray your day is blessed. Cheering you on from the #RaRalinkup. Love your heart!


    • Amen, Ellen. I went through Beth Moore’s study of James a couple of years ago and it changed me. Faith without works is dead. I always love hearing from you, dear friend.


  2. Giving people a way to have a life without the tragedy of trafficking… I’m so glad you posted this, Abby, am checking out their page right now. The song from Matthew West called “Do Something” instantly comes to mind 😉 If each one did something, we could end this.
    Love ya, lady. Have a fantastic week.


  3. Abby,
    Like you, I have trouble fathoming the atrocities that happen in our world. Part of the goal of Redeemer Christian School in Pakistan is to take in children who might be otherwise sold into slavery or sex trafficking. Standing with you to stop this now…will definitely check out the collection. Thanks for taking a stand!!
    Bev xx


  4. I’ve not heard of this organization before. What a beautiful work they do! It’ll be a resource for future gifts, that is certain. Thank you, Abby, for writing a post about them.


    • So glad to hear that, Kristi! And yes, I’ve made those duplicate comments before…silly computers. 😉 Have an awesome rest of your week, friend.


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