The Hope That Leaves You Hungry

isaiah 40-31

“What’d you do that for? Because you wanted him to lose?”

My husband recalled the conversation he had with the scout master just minutes earlier as we sat in the fellowship hall, waiting for our son’s turn to race his pinewood derby car. Those words were directed at my husband after he’d explained that we let our six-year-old do the majority of the work.

I was seething. I wanted to march over to the leader and give him a piece of my mind. However, as I watched the joy on my son’s face when his car raced down the track, my anger dissipated.

He saw what so many others in the audience didn’t: the joy in the journey. He followed the rules of the game, and put hard work into making his vehicle just the way he wanted. Now he was reaping the benefits of his dedication.

Win or lose, he was proud of what he’d accomplished. His excitement filled the room.

As we conversed with others at the race, we became aware that several placed their hope simply in winning. It was in the end result. And isn’t that the same pattern so many of us fall into?

We see that goal in our mind’s eye, and we put all of our hope and faith into achieving it.

Will you continue reading with me? Today I’m sharing what I learned about hope over at Kelly Balarie and Friends. You can read the rest of my post here.


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6 thoughts on “The Hope That Leaves You Hungry

  1. Thank you Abby , how you ended up on my iPhone screen just now must be from God , your post is a spark of life for today


      • I guess we all need affirmation on occasion, Its funny because i felt within my heart that God wanted me to let you know that I was thankful for your post.



  2. I love your beautiful descriptions and story telling! It really helps me to remember what I’ve read and the scripture behind it! My boys are forever teaching me about God’s love and perseverance in Him! Thank you Abby and really well done:)


  3. I love the message of keeping our eyes on the journey and always looking to God. Your son did the right thing and the joy that he felt made it all worthwhile. I remember those days with my own sons! Thank you for sharing at The Weekend Brew. Love seeing you there!


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