For the One Who Doesn’t Feel Welcome


I spent the better part of my twenties running from God. I ran for so long I forgot what rest was. Solace disillusioned me, although I thought I was finding it in the arms of men, substance abuse, and lies.

But I always came home empty. I never found what I was looking for, though God knows I searched in every place I knew to look. Except in him.

When my husband and I got married, I knew it was time for a change. But I was ashamed to bring myself before my Creator, the One I’d run from for so long. How could he possibly welcome me the way I was?

I tried to clean myself up, to be presentable before the holy of holies. I straightened my walk, my mouth, my gait. I quit hurting myself with the things I knew where not of Him.

It was never enough. I was still stained. So undeniably marred and ugly. 

In the midst of my depression and my utter loathing for myself, I slowly sensed his invitation. It become loader and clearer: Come. Come to me, child. You are welcome here.

In a word that says, “Do,” Jesus simply says, “Come.”

At first I resisted, afraid that I would disappoint Him or shame Him. But the pull was too great. I could not deny it any longer.

My birthday came and I knew it was time.

“I’m yours, Lord. I accept what you did for me.”

I knew there was nothing left to be done. The Spirit who would do the rest.

And the angels in Heaven rejoiced.


*Linking up with the lovelies at Five Minute Friday: Five minutes of free writing on one word. Today’s word was: welcome. Come join us.


18 thoughts on “For the One Who Doesn’t Feel Welcome

  1. Good Word Abby! Excellent way to capture the word “welcome”. I have been down a little too and I thank God He wants me to come into His Presence. There is no better place.


  2. “It was never enough. I was still stained. So undeniably marred and ugly.” How many of us can relate with these very sentiments? I am so thankful that Jesus tells us to come to Him, anytime, anywhere, no matter what our current circumstances are at the moment. Thank you for sharing. (Visiting from FMF)


  3. Abby,
    It’s amazing how in five minutes you can so beautifully sum up Jesus’ whole message to us. Regardless of the mess we’re in, He bids us come…not as a shamed child, but as His precious child who is dearly loved and cherished. Love your words and your story!
    Blessings and ((hugs)),


  4. What a wonderful way to reflect on the word welcome. Makes me think of the new song by David Crowder.

    Come out of sadness
    From wherever you’ve been
    Come broken hearted
    Let rescue begin
    Come find your mercy
    Oh sinner come kneel
    Earth has no sorrow
    That heaven can’t heal
    Earth has no sorrow
    That heaven can’t heal

    I’ve actually been singing it all day today.

    Thank you for how you share your heart, Abby.

    Much love.

    Liked by 1 person

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  6. Abby thank you for sharing your heart. It was so touching… Yes the world says do and Jesus simply asks us to come to Him. Very powerful thought my friend!


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