Struggling for Approval That’s Already Ours


It only takes a few words implying rejection for me to slip into that high school skin. The insecurity and striving for someone to notice me, to like me, to give me a nod of approval.

A few days ago, the feeling of denial came through an email. Just a few sentences into it, I could feel myself going back to that timid girl trying to find her way, her calling, her niche.

I longed for a “yes” but felt like I was swarming in a sea of “no.”

I strove for someone to see me, but forgot about the eye that notices even the sparrow.

Will you continue reading with me? Today I’m honored to be sharing over at Katy McCown’s beautiful space.

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10 thoughts on “Struggling for Approval That’s Already Ours

  1. This is such a wonderful read 🙂 I am striving too much at the moment… as a writer who is getting started and I always look for the next thing to strive towards… but I needed to read this, so thank you! 🙂


    • Thank you so much for visiting, Ruth! Yes, when we’re getting started that striving is hard to avoid and I’m so grateful for God’s grace and patience. So blessed to make a new connection.

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      • God is a gracious and patient God 🙂 I love it how we can change on a daily basis, but God is the same God yesterday, today and forever! He never changes! And He is love! It is really wonderful to make a new connection! God bless! 🙂


    • Oh no! I checked and the link is working. I’m sorry you weren’t able to view it. It’s (yesterday’s post) if you want to go there. Thanks for trying! (hugs)


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