For the One Who Doesn’t Feel Prepared


If there was an award given for procrastination, I would be a top contender.

When people ask me, “Are you ready for Christmas?” the answer is, “No.” Not even close.

My kids received a Christmas card in the mail from Santa yesterday. It has no return address. It says he heard they’ve been very good this year.

How did he hear this? I have no idea.

Perhaps he is real and will be delivering all of their gifts down the chimney on Christmas Eve, saving me from the last minute hustle. One can hope, right?

In the midst of all the unmet expectations I place on myself, I know one thing is true. My kids have all they need this Christmas. They have the unconditional love of two parents who are loved unconditionally by our Savior. 

I asked my six-year-old what he wanted for Christmas and he didn’t give me a long list. He named one toy. A transformer named Chase, like his friend Dawson’s. I think I can handle that.

This year, whether you’re way ahead on your list of to-dos or far behind, like me, remember this: a pile of presents will never replace utter fulfillment in Immanuel: God with us. When we prepare our hearts for him, everything else will fall into place.

The good news already came. Let’s not forget it.


*Linking up for Five Minute Friday. A beautiful group of writers who free-write for five minutes each Friday on one word. Today’s word was: prepare.

10 thoughts on “For the One Who Doesn’t Feel Prepared

  1. I’m with you, Abby! I’m not quite prepared for Christmas in the sense of presents bought and cards mailed out but I am ready for having my family all together! 🙂 Thank you for the reminder of His Presence with us!


  2. At the end, it’s not so much about preparing the stuff, but preparing our hearts. Sounds like our boys are of the same mindset – mine also wants the Chase transformer 🙂


  3. Loved this and just tweeted: “When we prepare our hearts for him, everything else will fall into place.” I’m a lot more –ahem–behind than usual on the Christmas to-do list, but I am preparing my heart!


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