When You Can’t See the Fruit of Your Labor


When I was a kid, our family took a lot of hiking trips. I’ll never forget them. Looking out over the summits, and seeing how far we’d come. We’d reached our goal and I could see it stretched out before me in a vast sea of blue peaks.

But in life our goals aren’t always so simple. We think we’re taking the next right step toward that dream or that aspiration, but the results aren’t the way we envisioned.

Sometimes it may feel as though we’re running in circles. Sometimes we wonder if we heard God wrong, or if we’re making any difference at all.

Will you keep reading with me as I share over on Purposeful Faith today? God used this struggle to strengthen me in a way I never saw coming.

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9 thoughts on “When You Can’t See the Fruit of Your Labor

  1. I laughed out loud when I read “sometimes we wonder if we heard God wrong…” I look to heaven so often to ask that question…I feel like I’m listening…but maybe not! Or most likely, I heard correctly – I just got all caught up in what I thought the outcome would be. Thanks for your perspective…if I let myself realize it, I know my days and efforts are worthy. It’s just easier sometimes to be exasperated!


  2. I’ve definitely been in times of waiting… where you’re on the journey and you haven’t seen the point yet. It’s hard! But then all the sudden you realize, “OH! so THAT’S what He had planned!” and it all makes sense 🙂


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