How Will You Leave Them?


I wonder what his disciples were thinking the night before He left. Surely they were fearful and confused. Surely they did not want Him to leave.

He promised to send them a Helper who would remain in them after he was gone. But what did that mean? I selfishly would have wanted Him to stay. To continue to lead and give me the Word that came straight from the Father. To give me the strength I lacked.

But He had to go. It was all part of the divine plan no one fully grasps, even now.

If that were the end of the story, we would have no reason to go on, would we? And yet he rose, and because he lives on, his Spirit lives in us when we accept Him and abide in Him.

Though he left, His Spirit lives in us and through us.

Think of this: You may be the only evidence of God that one person in your life ever sees. You know the one. The person God has placed on your heart. The one you feel the constant burden for.

We have the divine opportunity to make God visible. Does that not blow you completely away? No one has ever seen Him, and yet through our lives we have the ability to give little glimpses.

When others see us, they should see Him.

We are asked simply to love as He loves. This is how people will know.

This is how we are called.

Because He left, but He will return.

Leave them with the Spirit of Truth.


*This post was written for Five Minute Friday. A brave group of beautiful writers who meet each Friday to free write for five minutes on one word. Today’s word was: leave. Click the button below to learn more.

10 thoughts on “How Will You Leave Them?

  1. abby, so nice to meet you and your blog. i’m your neighbor at FMF. i’ve been studying I John lately and what you wrote today seems to summarize a lot of what that book is about:) others seeing Christ in us! in today’s world particularly, i think that is what draws people to Christ way more than our preachiness.

    i enjoyed my visit. have a great day:)


  2. Lovely, Abby. I would have wanted Him to stay too. I can’t imagine wanting to be without Him. You are so right and it made me pause and ponder – we’re the only evidence some see of Him. I’m going to remember that tonight when the masses stampede across my lawn. 🙂 Thanks for the piece of your heart, friend.


  3. Abby,
    Yes, it really does blow my mind that I may be the only one through whom someone might see the Savior…that can be rather intimidating. But, you so beautifully gave us our source of light and love that we can leave with others – abiding in Christ. Thanks for a wonderful 5 minutes!!
    Bev xx


    • Yes, it can be intimidating, Bev. I am going to give my testimony to our church tomorrow and I am so nervous! This is way outside my comfort zone. But I know that God will be with me. Thank you so much for your words, friend.


  4. Abby Jesus did leave us the Holy Spirit to be with us. I;m not alone. This is comforting. He will be with me through it all. He has been with me all the way. What should I fear? Nothing shall I fear. And just to think that God that lives in us also moves through us to bring peace and comfort to others in time of need. Your words Abby speak into the minds and hearts of others through your posts. Thank You So Much!!


    • Thank you so much for your encouragement, Lisa. John is such a powerful book and moves me in ways words cannot express, but I try to capture I little piece of it. Have a great weekend!

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  5. Abby, this is something the Spirit has been twirling around in my heart — “Leave them with the Spirit of Truth!” This spoke directly to my heart and what He is doing in me. What an encouragement! Thank you for speaking His words!


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