When the Days Are Long and Tired


Although the days have been getting shorter, within the confines of this house they have been long. Over the past couple of weeks as my entire family has battled sickness, I’ve seen my favorite season passing by. From our bay window I’ve watched the rain and the leaves give their last vibrant bursts of color before falling to the ground.

My fuse, on the other hand, has been short. I’ve counted the hours until my husband would be home from work to help care for whining babes. I’ve lost my temper. I’ve apologized more than once.

I’ve sent up prayers for recovery, for patience, and protection for my husband, the only one who has not fallen ill. And in the middle of it all, I’ve seen that even in this I am so, so blessed.

I’ve seen it in friends reaching out with words of encouragement. In hot bowl of soup from a kind spirit. In text messages, well wishes, and thoughtful gestures. Yes, I have so much to give thanks for.

When I focus on the gifts, all of the grumbling fades like a mirage. I see how long his love for me is, even when my vision is short-sighted. I see how long his patience with me is, even when my anger flares.

With all illusions gone, I feel that much closer to the One who gave it all.


*This post was written for Five Minute Friday. A beautiful group of brave, bold writers who meet every Friday to free write for five minutes on one word. Today’s word was: long. Click the button below to learn more.

13 thoughts on “When the Days Are Long and Tired

  1. Thanks for sharing. It’s also in these long days that we recognize that we really do need God in order for us to get pass it all. I pray that your family gets better soon. Visiting from #fmfparty


  2. I sometimes wonder when God brings on the forced stillness through illness, if He’s not giving me a heavenly shove so I’ll stop plowing through my days and lay flat, and look up. Or just stop and cry out…or just cry…lol. You are so right…focusing on the gifts, fades the grumbling. Thank you, Abby. Hope you and the kiddos are on the mend!


  3. Hope you’re feeling better. I’m amazed how difficult it is to care for others when you need someone to care for you. Keep focusing in on your blessings, but get some rest and have some soup too!


  4. We’re battling illness in our home too, and it does make the days feel never-ending. Thank you for this reminder that a thankful attitude can make all the difference.


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