A Brave New World, or Not?


“Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day.” 2 Corinthians 4:16

It is my natural instinct to fight against the new. To take a fight or flight response, trying to protect what is familiar. What is safe.

Today as I was waiting to get a haircut, I read an article in Time about the new Apple Watch. It said that Apple’s genius is not in the fact that they present new ideas, but that they revive old ones. They turn something that has failed in the past into something that becomes successful. Mainstream. The latest “have to have it” product. To the point where people forget about the old product all together.

Such is the case with the new Apple watch. And if it takes off the way they are predicting it will, social media will not just be part of our lives. It will be part of our bodies.

And to be honest, that scares me. My mind races to endless possibilities of what this entails.

Left to my own devices, my mind can do that from time to time. But you see, God doesn’t want me to live in fear of the new and the unknown. He wants to transform me.

He is making me new from the inside out.

So when my natural tendency is to turn to fight or flight, I instead flee into his loving arms. That’s where I find peace.

That’s where I realize that in the midst of the ever changing and the new and unpredictable, he remains the same.

He knows the beginning and the end because he’s already written the story. So when the world seems new and unsafe, I can find safety in Him. The Author and Finisher.


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19 thoughts on “A Brave New World, or Not?

      • Amen! God stays the same when everything changes. We can be confident that He will never leave us nor forsake us. Your post reminds me that we can be still and know that God is in control. I struggle when I have to move out of my comfort zone. Change makes me anxious. I’m learning to be o.k. with change because I’m safe in the loving arms of the one who created me and has great plans for me. Thanks so much for writing.


      • Thank you for visiting today, Lisa! Yes, I often get anxious too but God has called me to move outside my comfort zone many times and He always provides. So grateful for he has already written the story.


  1. “flee into his loving arms… that’s where I find peace.” Yes! Thank you for this reminder to be safe in His arms! Beautiful.


  2. I sometimes wish I paid enough attention to things to be aware enough to be fearful or wary! Luckily – whether paying attention or not, there is safety in Him.


    • Paying attention does not always work in my favor…;-) but I guess it’s good to be aware of what’s going on. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, Lisa. I love hearing from you, always.


  3. Yes, Abby, so glad to know He has written the entire story…including mine and yours and we don’t have to fret over all of the things that seem so out of control, knowing He is in control. Always appreciate your heart and words, friend! xoxo


  4. Yes! Fleeing to our Father’s arms. That’s where I want to be. So many things freak me out, it’s good to know that there’s a place where we can go to be made new (and able to handle the changes–I don’t like change much, either 😉 ).


    • Yes, even though I don’t like change there has been a lot of it over the past several years. But God is faithful! Thank you for visiting today, Anita.


  5. Yes, yes, yes, Abby! I’ve struggled with anxiety on and off, and when it takes hold, I tend to flee from reality. How much better off I would be if I instead fleed to His arms!


  6. In His arms is where we find our peace. Love this, Abby! Wearing social media scares me too. With with Jesus, we have nothing to fear. So thankful for Him and this truth! God bless you, friend, in all you do as wife, mother, writer, encourager. Have a beautiful week!


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