An Invitation to Live a Full Life Right Now


As I pushed my son on the swing, I looked up at the blue, cloud spotted sky and noticed a jetliner flying directly above us. Its stream followed behind, leaving a trail in its wake as it faded into the distance.

Instantly, I was filled with a sense of longing. Where were the passengers going? What awaited them at the end of their flight? Years had passed since I’d flown anywhere and I yearned for that sense of adventure.

My swinging arm slowed and my two-year-old was impatient.

“Mama. Mama!” he yelled as my head tilted and revealed my complete distraction.

I thrust the swing back into the air and my thoughts continued to stray elsewhere. When I heard my son whine again, I was impatient. Couldn’t he see I was trying to have a good daydream here?

Inwardly I felt a little nudge. Watch him. Pay attention. Enjoy this moment, right here. Right now.

I directed my attention toward my son. He smiled and threw his head back. It was just the two of us outside on this gorgeous fall day. He wanted to spend time with his mama, and I knew there would come a day when that would not be the case.

Mothering can be a very demanding job, and I know there will be moments when I am absent minded. I am human. I am also a writer, constantly looking for ideas to weave into a story or a new angle to approach a common subject.

But I also want to be present. I want to embrace the gifts that are right in front of me, and recognize the One from whom they flow.

To live a full life, we must embrace each season instead of constantly looking ahead to the next one.

Right now, I am in a season where my son needs more of my immediate attention than he will several years down the road. And that is a good thing. Every time he showers me with hugs and kisses, I am reminded just how much I am loved by this tiny person who tries my patience in more ways than I can count.

As my thoughts turned from the jetliner to my toddler, I could sense God giving me an invitation. An invitation to live life right there instead of sitting coach on an airplane. A call to see the blessings right there in front of me.

A summons to a full life. Not later, but now.


“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.” Ecclesiastes 3:1


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21 thoughts on “An Invitation to Live a Full Life Right Now

  1. It’s so easy to live outside the present–either in the past or the future. And yet God’s presence is here in the present. Thanks for this beautiful reminder to soak in the wonder of today. I so enjoy reading your posts, Abby. xoxo


    • I always love hearing from you and reading your thoughts as well, Sabra. Yes, this is a constant struggle for me but God is doing a work in me. Thank you so much for your encouragement today.


  2. Thank you for the reminder Abby. My boys are at the age where I’m no longer a priority, and while I know they love me, they have better things to do with their time than to call me. I need to remind myself to live in the present with Anna because I know a day will come when she doesn’t need me as much either.


  3. Love this, Abby. I’m with you, girl. Every day I see times my kids need me more than I need to be anywhere else…physically or emotionally. It’s hard somedays to stay reined in. I try to remind myself these days really are fleeting, even when they may seem to never end. 😉 Thank you for this today and for being here! XO, mb


  4. There are days I struggle to be content in the now, and instead find myself longing for what might be down the road. But you’re so right that the future shouldn’t be my focus, and I shouldn’t put off real living until this or that happens. Savor it NOW.


  5. Oh Abby, my “season” is a bit down the road from yours (high schoolers now) but I find that this lesson about embracing the season I’m in NOW is just as true for me now as it ever was. 🙂 Blessings.


  6. So true. My teenager wants nothing to do with me now, and so I am trying to soak up every moment I can with my youngest, because it won’t be long before he will grow up and not need me as much. Embrace their face, not the chase! 🙂


  7. Abby,
    Though it is difficult at times, yes, be present in the here and now with your son. My son, now 21, still vividly remembers the cloud filled days that we hung out together and sometimes did nothing more than pull out our chairs and watch the world go by. These memories are a blessing I wouldn’t trade for anything. You are a wonderful mom!


    • Thank you so much for your encouragement, Bev. The time does go by so quickly and sometimes I wish I could slow it down, and others it’s seems as though it will never end…;-) I’m so blessed and grateful, though. Hugs to you!


  8. Guilty! Although now I kind of want to pause these years or slow them down. My girls are 6 and 8 and the most fun they have been. 🙂 We do have to embrace where we are now, because each season has good!


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  10. The days certainly go fast and while it’s nice to try to be in every moment, I think daydreaming is important too. Kids need to see their parents dreaming and wishing and learn that there is a big, beautiful world outside of them.


    • Oh yes, I definitely don’t want my kids thinking they’re the center of the universe. They aren’t, and I can daydream with the best of them. 😉 Trying to find that balance and learning every day. Thanks so much for stopping here and sharing your thoughts!


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