For the Woman Who Wonders if Anyone Sees


I had a plan. A date with my paperback. Just the two of us.

After the rain started, I decided to take the kids to the inflatable playground. Their energy level was bursting at the seams and this mama was tired. After a week as a single mom with the hubby on a work trip, I was just trying to make it through the next couple of days.

They wanted to wrestle. They wanted to jump and run and trample. Surely they could do this without me, right? The smell of those crisp new pages was beckoning me.


But then, I heard my son’s voice beckoning me. He looked over expectantly as he did a cannonball into the giant moon bounce.

“Mama, watch this,” he squealed excitedly.

I stepped closer, peered in, and smiled.

“That was so cool, buddy!” I couldn’t step away. His gaze held mine and I knew he needed my full attention. Right there in that moment.

And as I stood there watching, I realized something. That desire to be seen never leaves. Isn’t that the soul call of our entire lives? Watch this. Does anyone see? Is anyone paying attention?

Our hearts cry out for recognition, for someone to notice our work, for someone to pat us on the back for a job well done. We long for someone to encourage us or even notice when we’re going through a difficult time.

Watch this. Do you see? Do you care?

Sometimes, our enemy leads us to believe no one does. I know. I’ve been there. For a long time, in the middle of a new town with new people, I was convinced no one did.

It was one of the hardest years of my marriage. It was also one of the hardest years of my life.

Perhaps you know too. Perhaps you’re there right now. Maybe you’re sitting in your kitchen with a pile of dishes stacked so high it’s blocking the sunlight and you wonder how you’re ever going to get off the hamster wheel you feel like you’ve been running forever.

You wonder if anyone appreciates the time you devote to each of the mundane tasks that fill your day. The time you take with your children. That favor you did for a friend that wasn’t appreciated.

Can I tell you something? Can I lean in close and put my arm around your shoulder and whisper a secret?

God sees. He sees every ounce of love pour into your kids, when you say their prayers with them, make their lunches for them, carpool them here and there and all over the state. He sees you scrubbing those grass stains out of his jersey.


“You know when I sit and I rise. You perceive my thoughts from afar. You discern my going out and my lying down. You are familiar with all my ways.” Psalm 139:2-3

He sees that secret hardship you’re carrying around that you haven’t told anyone about. Perhaps you’re even afraid to tell Him. But he still knows.

When we live our lives to glorify the Creator, no task or struggle is unimportant. It all matters.

No detail of your everyday chaos is unimportant to Him. None of the long hours or midnight shifts escape his attention.

As I  looked at my son, romping around the inflatable playground, I realized once again how much He cares.

He delights in every minute we live for Him.


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26 thoughts on “For the Woman Who Wonders if Anyone Sees

  1. Oh, how I needed this message today, Abby. Not only for myself, but to recognize that I need to share with others how important I think they are and how I appreciate what they do. That includes you, Abby. You’re a blessing! Thanks for sharing what the Lord is teaching you with all of us.


    • Thank you for your continual encouragement, Sabra. You bless me so much. I hope that others will know how wide and deep the love God has for them is.


  2. Oh, this is SO GOOD, Abby. (I hope you write a book on this one day! 🙂 ) So many of us can relate. Oh Lord, help us to be faithful in the small things and to realize that you DO SEE the laundry, the car pools, the errands, the cooking….


  3. Abby, I think this is one of your best posts yet. I think of this concept when I am venting to someone (my mom, my husband) and they immediately try to find a solution to the problem. But I don’t want a solution, I just want them to listen and commiserate. Now I understand why—because if they do that, it will make me feel heard and seen. I need to communicate this to them so that they understand the why behind what I’m asking them to do (or, in this case, not do). But even more than that, I need to remember that even if I don’t feel seen or heard by my family and friends, I am still always seen and heard by Him.


    • Thank you, Katie. That means a lot. This topic is actually one I want to write a book about. Of course, I would explore it from different angles. But I think so many women struggle with this feeling at some point in their lives. I can totally relate to the desire for someone to just commiserate. Thanks for sharing.


  4. This really hit home with me today. i am in the midst of a very overloaded and lonely season in my life where I have to remind myself that everything I do, I am to do as unto the Lord who sees everything. Thanks Abby for reminding us to really take time to hear and see what the folks in our lives want to show us and to remember that God is always present in our lives.


    • Oh, how I know those lonely seasons, Holly. Yes, God sees everything and He gives us peace and hope in all circumstances. Thank you for your words of encouragement and I pray that He lifts you up.


  5. Abby,
    This is just beautiful…just what I needed to hear today! It is truly comforting to know that even if no one earthly sees my efforts, my Heavenly Father does…and His is really the only opinion that counts when you get right down to it. Thank you again for this reminder that He sees and delights in me 🙂
    Blessings and ((hugs)),


  6. This is much needed encouragement for me today, Abby. I SO often find myself secretly saying these things…feeling this way. And I SO often need the reminder that the only One that matters DOES see and DOES care and DOES take account of it all. The good, the bad and the ugly…and loves me anyway. Even when I’m selfish and believe everyone else should notice, too…Love these words today. Thank you, friend!! xoxo


    • I need this reminder often too, Meredith. I guess that’s why it’s a message that’s so close to my heart. 😉 And yes, I can definitely have my selfish moments. We all do. Thank you for your continual encouragement. Love you. xoxo


    • Yes, it truly never ends, but I’m so grateful that God sees me and that by glorying him I find joy. Thank you for sharing your thoughts here, Tanya!


    • Oh yes, I can definitely be a little selfish at times. I am so grateful for God’s grace and that he sees me and loves me despite my flaws. Thanks for stopping here. Have a great weekend.


  7. This brought tears to my eyes! I know He sees, but I somehow forget He knows the inner struggle I have that I can’t articulate. He knows, because He feels it too. Thank you!


    • Aw, thank you so much, Sarah! Yes, he does know and I am so grateful for that. There is so much peace found in Him. Thanks for stopping here and have a great Labor day weekend.


  8. I love this, Abby. It is so hard to put a book down and delay what I want or need all the time for God’s best yes, my kids. You are such a gift because you explain so gently why we do what we do as moms. Thank you for seeking God and sharing what you are learning.


    • You are such an encouragement to me, Kasey. Yes, I really do need that time to myself and I get a little of it most days. That particular week was just really hard. Thank you so much for stopping here.


  9. Oh how I love this post. That longing to be seen. We all have it don’t we? I’m so grateful for a God who sees and I pray for Him to use me in seeing others. That is truly where my heart is at . . . to see. Whether across the street, across the country or right in my own home. Great words, Abby, as always. Much love. xoxo


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