Should I Tell God When He Already Knows?

divine light

If I tell someone my problems, they will breathe a life of their own.

For many years, that was my point of view. That by keeping my issues to myself, somehow they would go away like a figment of my imagination. Perhaps the demons in my head would retreat and find someone else to whisper lies to.

And I certainly didn’t need to tell God because He already knew, right? The omnipresent, omniscient God who created the universe? Surely He didn’t need to be burdened with anything I had to say.

How distorted my perspective was. How dark my life became.

When we tell others we trust about our troubles, a little light shines into the dark places of our hearts.

When we tell God our troubles, we invite the divine Light to illuminate the dark so that we may see.

Friends, we do not serve a High Priest who is unable to empathize with our weaknesses. He was human in every way. He was tempted in every way.

Jesus does not sit in the Heavenly realms to condemn you, but to intercede on your behalf. But you must let him. He gives us the will to choose.

If there is a darkness that is weighing heavy on your soul today, tell the One who makes all things new.

And then, go tell someone else. Admitting our problems does not give them life, but helps to dispel the dark.


This post was written for Five Minute Friday. I group of bold, beautiful writers who meet each week to free write for five minutes on one word. Today’s word was: tell. Click the button below to learn more.



16 thoughts on “Should I Tell God When He Already Knows?

  1. My immediate response to trouble is to isolate and hope it will all just go away. But I’ve learned, it’s necessary to tell others and tell God. I’ve been thinking of the thieves who were crucified on either side of Jesus. When I don’t tell, I become like the mocking thief: bitter, angry, cold. When I do tell, the suffering may not end but I know, He will remember me. Thank you for this piece.

    Visiting from Five Minute Friday, Drusilla Barron (


    • Yes, Drusilla, it is necessary and there is healing in that. Getting that outside perspective is so necessary, but it must be from someone who we can trust to give us wisdom and not to drag us down even further. Thank you for stopping here today. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.


  2. This is powerful stuff. I work as a counsellor and have often heard people confess how hard it has been to speak of their troubles and how much pain this silence has caused them. Speaking out can begin the healing process. For those who have faith putting our grief, shame, anger whatever it may be, into words and pouring them out in God’s presence can break down the walls blocking His way and allow his healing love to bring us peace.


    • Juliet, my counselor during my postpartum days was such a Godsend to me. She helped me in so many ways. Yes, speaking out is a healing process and was what healed me more than anything. Thank you for stopping here today and sharing.

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  3. Thanks for the title…I think those words every day! Truth is, if you are telling people who love you, they won’t be surprised or disappointed or feel let down by whatever truth you share. They will be honored and most of the time you will find you share common ground and common problems. We were meant to lean on one-another, I think…I hope! Another wonderful post!


    • I agree, Lisa. There is something so freeing about finding that “me too” in another person. Yes, we are meant to lean on one another! No doubt. 🙂 Thanks so much.


  4. Abby, I just prayed a prayer that I’ve been needing to pray for some time, thanks to this post. Sometimes I think I don’t tell God my problems because I hold a misguided belief that I can handle them on my own. I want to solve the problem my way, even though history has shown that my way never works. Just now I finally asked God to show me His way. Thank you for the encouragement!


    • Katie, that made me smile so big when I read that. I so glad you turned that prayer over to God. He is faithful. Sometimes He doesn’t answer in the way I want or think things should be, but his ways are better than mine! Thanks so much, friend.


    • I’m so glad to meet you too, Renee! Yes, God is faithful and healing does come with time and trust in Him. Thank you for visiting today. Have a lovely weekend.


  5. So much truth here, Abby. I’ve lived in that place…thinking I didn’t need to tell God what He already knew. But why would He tell us to if He didn’t want us to? And oh how my darkness needs His light to reveal it for what it is and begin the process of healing and reconciliation. Thank you, as always, for these beautiful words!! xoxo, mb


    • Yes, that is a good question and one I ignored for so long. I am so glad we both reached a place of freedom and truth. Much love to you as we continue to journey in Him and with each other’s support. xoxo


  6. Great post, Abby! I absolutely love your words, and how you share your heart and your faith through them! So thankful we have One who is with us always, and whom we can always turn to. Thanks for pointing us to Him! Hugs!


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