3 Myths About Depression That Need to Stop

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Someone in your life right now is suffering from depression. They feel as though they are hopelessly alone, that there is no way out, that there is no end to the darkness that permeates them from all sides.

Symptoms of their mental state may not be outwardly visible. They may feel shamed by it. There may be no one in their life they feel they can trust with the words. With the admission that they’re not fine.

The year following my son’s birth was one of the darkest times of my life. Although I’d battled the illness in the past, it came to its peak during my postpartum days. By the grace of God, I came through that time stronger instead of obsolete.

But there are days when the enemy tries to sneak back into those places in my soul that cry out for different world. A less fallen world. A heavenly world. I’ve learned to identify some of the triggers but life isn’t always so predictable.

There are some myths surrounding depression that need to be stopped. My hope is that by spreading an awareness on this issue, not only will those who need help will seek the counsel they need, but also that there will be more understanding on an illness that is very real. So real it takes lives.

1. All people who are experiencing depression will appear melancholy. Unfortunately, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Depressed people learn how to mask their symptoms. Often, they think that if they act the way they feel, they will be a burden to those around them. They are no different from everyone else in that they want to be liked.

2. Depression indicates a lack of faith. This is the myth that causes me the most pain. Has anyone ever read the Psalms of David? They are filled with moments when this man after God’s own heart cried out in despair. Saying a person suffering from depression lacks faith is no different than a Pharisee saying a person with leprosy is being punished by God. Does Christ have the power to heal? Absolutely. But our walk with Christ is filled not only with unspeakable joy but also unspeakable suffering, and if you haven’t experienced suffering, you may want to reexamine your walk. Every person’s struggle is unique, but we all struggle.

3. All cases of depression can be treated the same way. There are many times when God uses medication and modern science to heal his children. Other times, he heals through words and people, counseling and therapy. The possibilities are as endless as personalities. And yet, so often we are quick to say, “There’s a pill for that,” or “There’s an app for that,” or make a pat judgement call on something we know nothing about. Each person has to deal with their dark in their own way. When they find what works for them, they’ll know.

Friends, our Enemy who is in this world would like nothing more than for us to continue walking around with a veil over our eyes, thinking depression is no more than a delusion. That those who are depressed are simply looking at the glass half empty, and need to change their perspective because they really can just snap their fingers and make everything ok. But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

It’s time for us to wake up. People are dying. If you or someone you know is suffering from depression, please seek help. Do not wait.

And more than anything, know you are not alone. You are loved by a mighty God who does not wish for anyone to perish, but for all to come to Him and experience the love He freely gives.


American Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-TALK (8255)


25 thoughts on “3 Myths About Depression That Need to Stop

  1. Abby, thank you for sharing your struggle with depression. In a world that is getting darker every day, darkness can start to seem overwhelming and as if light can never permeate it again. We need compassion for everyone, and your myth-busters are a wake up call to me. Thank you so much for speaking out and telling your story. May God bless you and fill you always with His joy and peace.


    • Thank you for your kind words, Sabra. I pray that those who need help will not be shamed and will seek the counsel they need. There are days when I still struggle, but God has given a peace that just as his word says, surpasses all understanding. I just have to seek Him continually.


  2. Abby,
    First, I love your new hair style!! Very becoming. Second, it’s interesting that you are following me on Holley’s link up again. Third, your blog post is wonderful…couldn’t have said it better myself. As you know I’ve suffered from depression in my life and it’s about time we erase the myths and the stigma surrounding it! Thank for posting a message that needs to be heard!


    • Thank you, Bev! You are so sweet. Yes, I agree that it’s time we start paying more attention to this subject. Thank you for sharing your heart in your writing as well. You are a blessing.


  3. Hi Abby. Excellent post! I hope you don’t mind, I reblogged it on Walking Deeper so my readers may be blessed by it. It’s time we have these important conversations, and God will work these difficult times for good in some way. Thank you for sharing your personal struggles and your heart.


    • No, I don’t mind at all, Doris. Thank you so much for doing that. God will definitely move, but we are to be his hands and feet. Thank you for your continual support and encouragement. You bless me with your words and your heart.

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  4. Abby, thank you for your transparency and your willingness to share some of your story in this post. Thank you also for sharing the myths. Powerful truths here. So many will benefit by reading it. I’ll be sharing it, for sure. God bless you as you allow Him to bless others through you, friend!


    • Thank you so much, Julie. I pray that those who need help seek the counsel they need and see the Light again. I noticed some typos a minute ago; aaaahhh! But I corrected them. 😉


  5. The title of your post drew my attention at Holley’s. Thank you for spreading these important truths here, Abby, and strengthening them with your own story. Everyone needs to hear more of this. I grew up with a mother who dealt with depression, and it hurt so bad when people who didn’t understand called her “crazy” and the church condemned her and didn’t offer any support. I, too, deal with it at times, and am so guilty of trying to hide it and stay strong for others around me or beating myself up with that ” I must not have enough faith.” I’m so grateful Jesus understands and cares!


    • Thank you so much for sharing, Trudy. I am truly saddened by the fact that the church didn’t offer any help to your mom and insulted her. We are to be his hands and feet and to share in each other’s struggles, not to condemn and judge others. I, too, am so grateful that we have a High Priest who understands our suffering, and intercedes on our behalf.


  6. Oh, Abby. We did have similar thoughts today! I loved how you are breaking down the myths. I laughed and joked and kidded when I was at my darkest spots. It’s true that you really can’t tell. And boy, you and I are shouting from the mountaintops “depression is NOT lack of faith”. Amen!


    • Yes indeed, I am shouting, Kirsten, and I only hope someone listens. Thank you for stopping here today. It’s always a blessing to hear from you.


  7. Such an important post, Abby. Thank you for your openness and honesty, and for dispelling these myths that make it difficult for those who are suffering to get help. I will be spreading the word about this post!


  8. Thank you, Abby, for your forthright words about depression. During the fifteen years of caring for my Mama, I became depressed but only recognized it in myself many years into this time. I thought one morning on the way to see the Rheumatologist for my fibromyalgia that “I am depressed.” He made that call himself that very morning and I broke into tears. God had confirmed it through this doctor. I am much improved but still deal with the tough stuff inside and to my dear husband. He knows. He cares. But even that doctor and myself have placed a wall between us and I no longer see him.
    God’s light shines inside of me and takes that darkness away … when I say no to satan and allow God in with His beautiful light. I saw this title at Meredith’s and knew I needed and wanted to read this. I have been blessed, Abby.
    Caring through Christ, ~ linda


    • Linda, I’m so glad that you talked to your doctor about it and that God is guiding you through it. He truly has the power to heal, but I believe for some it is a lifelong struggle. Thank you so much for stopping here and sharing your thoughts. His Light truly can permeate our dark.


  9. Thank you for taking time to clarify these ideas! I don’t suffer from depression, but I know people who do. I hate that they are vilified and shamed. We all need to remember that it is a real struggle and they need our help not our judgment!


    • Yes, Sarah, I think we all are too quick to point fingers of judgement sometimes and most of the time we don’t know the whole situation. Thank you for visiting today and I hope you have a great weekend!


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  11. Hello Abby
    I am here from Kirsten @ IndebtedMom’s blog. She inspired me to write on my personal experience with the same topic. You hit the nail on the head with your points. I couldn’t agree more and I touched on some of these same points. With God’s grace we will continue to stay well and seek out others who may need our support.


    • Thank you so much for visiting! I agree that more light needs to be shined on this subject and pray that people will need help will be shown grace and love instead of being shamed.


  12. Excellent, Abby and so well written. I think the myths you addressed are ones that so many of us battle when we face any fiery trial of the flesh while trying to cling to the Spirit. It’s such a tragedy when believers are labeled as weak and faithless or pressed into a one-size-fits-all box. I pray your words reach the hearts that need the most…those battling and those walking alongside them.


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