Chase That Dream

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For a long time, I thought being a mom meant I wasn’t allowed to pursue other dreams and aspirations. It felt selfish and irresponsible to spend time and money on myself.

And who has time to chase after an occupation that doesn’t pay the bills, when the kids are still little and the laundry never stops? Logic and practicality weighed against what seemed flighty and far out of my reach.

But this gnawing sense of wanting more, desiring something bigger than myself kept pressing against me from the inside. I’m not talking about the desire for a bigger house or nicer car. I’m talking about the eternal.

Our God-given dreams are not about selfishness, but about about seeking the One who placed our purpose within us. 

He created each of us with a plan and purpose for our lives. A desire to leave a legacy to those who live beyond us. This yearning comes in all shapes and sizes and no two are completely alike. One mom’s dream may be raising godly children who follow Jesus and another sister’s may be to become a missionary overseas in an area devastated by poverty.

Both are equally important. And both, when carried out, glorify the Creator who inspires dreams beyond our wildest imagination.

If God created each of us with a plan and a purpose, why would we ever settle for anything less? I will spend my entire life seeking exactly what His desire for me is.

A year ago, I decided to take my dream to write off the back burner and give it some heat. And I’ve become a better wife, mother and friend because of it. I’ve stepped further outside my comfort zone than I ever have, and I’ve seen God move in ways I never envisioned.

Sometimes, my steps seem small. But a small step, whether it be submitting a freelance article or a guest blog post is still movement forward. And we serve a God who honors the small:

“Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord  rejoices to see the work begin.” Zechariah 4:10

Perhaps you’re longing for something more. Maybe God has given you a passion for helping foster children or counseling or music or speaking. Whatever it is, can I just encourage you to go after it? Even if it’s just for a hour each week, the reward will be great.

There is never a perfect time because our lives are always filled with busy schedules and endless demands. So just go for it.

When you place it in the Lord’s hands, He will guide you every step of the way.




7 thoughts on “Chase That Dream

  1. I can’t fully express how much I needed this message today. I know God will reveal in His perfect timing His plan and purpose for my life. But I also know where He has me right now is also part of His plan. I need to embrace the now and trust the future to Him. I know writing is part of it but I believe there is more. I’m waiting and trusting. What you share always blesses. Much love. xoxo


    • I’m so glad the message came to you when you needed it Beth. He is still revealing his plan to me too, and I’m sure it’s a lifelong process, but it feels so wonderful to see Him work. Prayers and blessings to you as you continue to seek Him and his purpose for you. I know it will be great! Love and hugs to you, friend. xoxo


  2. Logic and practicality have definitely threatened to get in the way of my dreams. It is so helpful to remember that my aspirations aren’t just about ME and my desires; they’re about fulfilling the plan and purpose God has set for my life. An important way to reframe our mindsets—and a good reminder to check in with Him constantly as we chase our dreams.


    • I think it’s a common trend. And plus I think women are naturally focused on giving themselves to others, and thinking of ourselves, or God’s purpose for us as individuals, takes a shift in mindset. Thanks for sharing your thoughts today, Katie!


  3. I love that small beginnings verse. It has encouraged me in so many different endeavors. You’re encouraging me today, Abby. Sometimes I feel I have NO TIME for this writing thing, but even one small step, even one hour makes a difference! 🙂


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