Remember the Passion of the Beginning

promised land

Take off is always my favorite part of the flight. The force of gravity pulling my body back against the seat. Trees and land masses becoming vague shapes and specks in the distance. We begin. Anticipation of what lies ahead fills me, and everything seems right with the world.

But inevitably, midway through the flight my son gets antsy. I get antsy. This trip is taking longer than I envisioned because there is unforeseen traffic and weather along the way.

The middle of the journey is often the hardest because the promised land seems to be getting further away.

We see that end goal, that dream, and we can almost taste it in our mouths. We are on the cusp of something spectacular.

But then life happens. Detours we didn’t expect crop up out of nowhere and we wonder why no one told us it would be this hard.

Friend, can I let you in on a little secret I’m still in the process of learning? We will never reached the promised land on this side of eternity. 

There will always be another hurdle, another leg of the race, another goal we want to attain. Sure, there will be highlights and mountaintop experiences. But the valleys are just as important.

When we reach the destitation we see in our mind’s eye, we will still be in the middle of the journey. Our minds will wonder, “What’s next?”

Enjoy the process. Remember that passion that burned inside of you when you began. And remember, the growth is the best part. 


This post was written for Five Minute Friday. I beautiful, bold group of writers who meet each friday to free write for five minutes on one word. Today’s word was: begin. Click the button below to learn more.

Five Minute Friday


6 thoughts on “Remember the Passion of the Beginning

  1. This makes me think of my relationship with Scripture. The first time reading a passage feels so exhilarating, but if I’m not careful, my ears can get used to the words and I don’t let them excite me anymore. But those valleys are important because then, when I open my heart up again, there the words are waiting for me, ready to be consumed with a fresh perspective.


    • That is so true, Katie. I’ve fallen into that trap myself. I love it when either an author or the Spirit gives me a new take on it, and it’s made new all over again. That’s the power of the living word. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


  2. LOVE this! Especially when we feel stuck in a traffic jam and seems it’ll take so long (impossible) to get to the next stop in the journey. Great encouragement – what I needed today!


    • So glad to hear that, Kathryn. A traffic jam is definitely a place when I need to remember this mindset. 😉 Thanks for stopping here today and have a great weekend!


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