When Your Faith Seems Small



Whenever my family travels via airplane, I always prepare for the worst-case-scenario and hope for the best.

When I gave birth to our first child, we lived over two thousand miles away from all three sets of grandparents. So we did a lot of traveling.

All of the binkies had to be in the right compartment of the diaper bag. All liquids had to be in the right size container, because if they weren’t, security would confiscate them. Our list of to-dos before departure lasted for days.

But inevitably, something always went wrong. Our carry-on luggage was repeatedly unloaded and searched. My husband, who has a very common name, somehow wound up on a TSA watch list. And despite an endless supply of binkies and snacks, my son screamed when he’d had enough of the plane. There was no stopping him.

Each cross-country trip we took taught me a lot about life, and my inability to control it despite my best efforts. I realized that my “worst-case-scenario” tactics were often the same approach I take toward my relationship with God.

God, I’ll be obedient, but I really don’t think this is going to go well.

God, I’ll pray, but I really don’t see how this situation is going to change.

God, I’ll reach out to that person, but I honestly don’t see how it will help her circumstances.

If I’m honest, I’m surprised that God continues to answer my prayers despite my doubt. I’m in awe of His unending grace and patience when my faith often feels smaller than a mustard seed.

But here’s the thing about that seed. When given the right nutrients, sun, and water, it grows. When we drench it in that Living water, which can only be found in the only perfect One, it thrives, despite our own incapability to nourish it.

God can turn our worst-case-scenario into undeniable evidence of the divine.

We come to Him with a minuscule bit of faith, and because of who the faith is in, it moves mountains. (Matthew 17:20) Even if circumstances don’t change, our attitude toward them will.

In a couple of weeks, I am stepping outside of my comfort zone in a big way. I am wrapping up my spirit in words and syllables and presenting them to publishers who may decide they want to see the finished product. My book.

And then again, they may not.

Even though my mind keeps wanting to go to that worst-case-scenario, I know that I serve a God who placed this dream in my heart from the beginning. And as a fellow writer once told me, “His promises go further than my dreams.”

So I’m leaving it at the foot of the cross, where I can find sanctuary and rest. There is freedom in knowing He is in control. There is liberty in knowing He is the one writing the story, even though I try to capture pieces of it with my pen.

I’m trusting that no matter what is in store for me over the next couple of weeks, in the hands of the Creator, it’s going to be big.


“I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which he has called you, the riches of his glorious inheritance in the saints…” (Ephesians 1:18)


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4 thoughts on “When Your Faith Seems Small

  1. I admire you so much for going out on this limb and putting your words and ideas out there for publishers. I can’t wait to follow this incredible journey of yours, wherever it leads! You’re so right that we can always find peace in remembering that God has already ordained our path and that He will work all things together for our good…but oh, how difficult that is to accept sometimes!


  2. Good for you Abby. I love how God shows Himself strong when we go out and do the things beyond our control. He has used my weaknesses in ways I never imagined and strengthened me through the worst of circumstances. Many blessings on your newest adventure.


    • Yes, it’s amazing how some of the hardest circumstances can make us stronger in the end. Thank you for stopping here and for your encouraging words, Deb. Have a great weekend.


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