Let Us Arm Ourselves With the Truth

eph 6-12

I do not consider myself a superstitious person. So when my five-year-old son’s wind-up music box begins randomly playing around 3:30 in the morning, I look for a logical explanation. But the thing is, my husband and I can’t find one. My child lays sound asleep in his bed.

When my husband decides to kneel beside his bunk and pray for him, I think it’s the best idea of the week. And when I awake the next morning with a well rested mind, I still can’t get the incident out of my head.

I’ll probably never know what happened with that creepy music maker, but its random playing reminded me that we have an enemy who is roaming this earth like a preying lion, waiting for the next person to devour.

My family spends each day with the intention of spreading the Truth of a Redeemer who lives. But the lion would like nothing more than for that truth to be lost. Lost to all who seek it. Lost to all who think there is no hope.

Sometimes I get weary and my prayer life gets weak. My Bible sits for a day or two and lose my focus. And since his grace abounds, I can always return and find new mercy.

But our Enemy does not announce himself with a pitchfork and a trumpet. He moves into lives ever so slightly, and time is on his side. For now.

Let us ever be on the watch. Let us arm ourselves with the Truth. Because God knows we need it.

Each and every hour. Every day.

This post was written for Lisa-Jo Baker’s Five Minute Friday. A beautiful group of writers who meet each week to share their unscripted, real, raw selves for five minutes flat on one word. Today’s word was: Lost. Click the button below to learn more.

Five Minute Friday


11 thoughts on “Let Us Arm Ourselves With the Truth

  1. It is so true that the enemy usually doesn’t show up obvious and announced. It’s more a slow fade until we wake up one day and not even realize why or how far we’ve wandered. Thank you for the reminder to stay on my toes and always guard my heart.


    • Yes, and as I try to motivate myself to write this book proposal, I am reminded myself of this. 🙂 I keep thinking of your post about how sometimes to do what we love we have to do things we don’t. Loved that one.


  2. You have the creepy toys going off in the middle of the night, too?! We’ve had that happen times…it is always disconcerting. What a great response to this weeks FMF prompt, Abby. Yes, we should always be on guard, especially when it seems least likely and in the prettiest package. And the truth that “time is on his side…for now.” There is power and Hope in those words. Thank God it’s only for now! Love your insight and thoughts, as always. xoxo, mb


  3. I love this post! (ok, that’s nothing new, i’m probably your biggest fan!) But while everyone else has great insight, all I want to know is: did you get rid of the music box??? I’m telling you, the moment one of Samuel or Cora’s toys step out of line…they go to Goodwill, Yard Sale Pile, or MOPS Swap (better be weary when I show up at MOPS Swap huh?) On a more serious note, the enemy is always at the gate and the importance of being vigilant, especially for our children is always in the back of my mind as a parent.


    • I just love you, Misty. I’m so glad I met you through MOPS. No, I haven’t gotten rid of the toy yet but that is an excellent idea! Thanks for visiting and commenting.


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