When You’re Afraid to Let Go



I do not typically remember my dreams. When I wake from sleep, whatever took place in my subconscious stays there, whether it be to my benefit or not. But there’s one dream, or nightmare as it may be, that has stayed with me since I was a little girl. I am falling, flailing around from some unseen precipice, and I wake up gasping for air. Heart pounding.

Usually, this fit of sleep happens when something stressful is taking place in my life. God and I are still working out my trust issues. We’ve come a long way, He and I, but He’s still teaching me the joy found in sweet release.

Some say you become a believer when you believe in Jesus and his saving grace, but isn’t it a daily act of trusting? If I don’t trust Him with each and every aspect of my life, then can I truly call myself a believer? These are questions which roll around my mind, and I’m learning to let go.

True joy in Christ is found when we release all of our burdens to the one who can give us freedom.

They say seeing is believing, but faith comes when we give the wheel to the one who is writing our story. Sometimes, it’s difficult. We want to see more of the chapter, the next step, perhaps even a glimpse of the ending.

But there is so much peace found when we simply trust the One with the pen.


This post was written for Five Minute Friday. A beautiful group of writers who meet every Friday over at Lisa-Jo Baker’s blog for unedited, real, raw writing. Five Minutes on one word. Today’s word was: release. Click the button below to learn more.

Five Minute Friday


19 thoughts on “When You’re Afraid to Let Go

  1. Abby, I agree whole-heartedly that it is a very difficult journey to fully trust in God, but more than anything, I have found that He is always there, no matter what. When I feel like I can’t open up to anyone else, He is there. I have found that He has delayed in answering some of my prayers, that He has made me wait for things that turned out to be amazing, and that He is always a presence in my life. Adore your post!
    ~From Lisa-Jo Baker’s “Five Minute Friday”


    • I agree, Elizabeth. He is always there, and even when He seems silent, his timing is perfect. His peace brings true joy. Thank you so much for visiting today. Have a great weekend!


    • I always find it fascinating when another writer shares the same thoughts too, Katy! Thanks for visiting today and I will have to hop over to your blog and see your prayer. 🙂


  2. It sounds so easy when I read your words. I can say it, pray it, believe it, but when I get caught up in something – the doing it is where I forget. I remind myself…the daily act of trusting. Once again, a perfectly timed post!


  3. AMEN, Abby! Trusting God with all our hearts is certainly not a once and done kind of thing. I know I have to make the decision to do it over and over again.


  4. Oh yes, Abby, how much freedom is found when we trust the One with the pen! I want to live that right along with you. Beautiful words today about trusting the only One worth trusting. Love you, Meredith


  5. Abby,
    I completely resonate with you about how trust is a journey….and the sweet release found when we trust the One writing our story….blessings 🙂 Thanks for sharing your heart 🙂


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