While I Ate My Cereal This Morning, A Child Was Starving


As I sat at the kitchen table eating my mini-wheats with my son this morning, I could not divert my mind from one thought:  a child is starving. No, scratch that. Children are starving.

Most of this world lives on a fragment of the paycheck my husband brings home every two weeks. Sherpas who risk their lives to guide expeditions to the summit of Everest every year make $5,000 per year, which is more than twice the average per capita income of a household in Nepal.

So why do I say all this? What can one person do? The easy response would be one of complacency. To turn the other way and say, “I can’t make an impact by myself” or “Someone else should really do something about that.”

Maybe that someone is me. My husband. Maybe we as a family could make an impact for Christ and change the life of a child.

Imagine if each person in this country said, “Instead of doing nothing, I’m going to do something.” 

This Proverbs 31 woman I’ve been studying seems perfect from the outside, but I know that her grace of character, devotion to her work and love for others come from the Lord. Her piety does not stop with her own family, however. She is also committed to helping those in poverty:

“She opens her arms to the poor and extends her hands to the needy.”

She opens her arms. She extends what she has. Perhaps that is a meal. Clothing. Comfort. Money. The possibilities are endless. The point is this: She gives. She gives something. And God blesses her for it.

If I turn my back on someone in need, I turn my back on God.

So what do we do? Just do something. God can take our something, when it’s done with love, and turn into the miraculous.


A year ago, my family resolved to do more. To give more. After years of poor choices, consuming debt, stress-filled arguments over finances and sleepless nights, we decided it was time for a change.

While we were struggling to make our next car payment, families across the globe were wondering how they were going to eat their next meal.

Our first decision? Give to God first and ourselves second. God’s people first and ourselves second. What’s beautiful is that this decision didn’t just affect the church and people across the globe. It changed us.

Our next commitment was to support a missionary family in Haiti who is providing fresh water, food, a burn clinic, and most of all: love. Each time we take another step, God pushes us to do more.

The joy of  sacrifice is so much greater than the joy of consumption.

Our Creator can take what we give and multiply it tenfold. Because that’s what He does.

God looks not at the amount or the number, but the heart of the giver. And the more I seek Him and desire to be like Him, the more I want to open my hands.


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12 thoughts on “While I Ate My Cereal This Morning, A Child Was Starving

  1. Great thoughts this morning. We are swimming in debt ourselves (hello, indebtedmom!) but we make it a priority to give to God. He doesn’t get our leftovers, He gets the first fruits. And you know what? There is joy and peace in our decision to do that. Great reminder that He looks at the heart of the giver and turns our gifts into even more.


    • So true, Kirsten. God does not want our leftovers. And he deserves our everything! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts here today.


  2. “The joy of sacrifice is so much greater than the joy of consumption.” That’s worth writing down and in the sky and on my heart today, Abby. So much truth here. Your thoughts today are spot on and I know from giving that it is always more of a blessing to be the giver than the receiver. Love that your family made that turn…love you!


    • I am glad, too, Meredith. He is changing our hearts more and more. Making us realize we can do more if we trust Him more. Thank you for your encouragement, as always. Much love.


    • Thank you for stopping here today, Katie. I believe I know what our next step is but I’m going to be in prayer about it. One small step at a time, right? 🙂


  3. I love the whole concept of “just do something.” My biggest struggle is that I spend so much time in the planning stage—researching organizations to support, planning out how to change my lifestyle, etc…and then I get so wrapped up in the process that I don’t get around to actually doing anything! Ridiculous, I know! Think of the impact we’d have if we all stopped thinking about doing something and just went out and did it.


    • Yes, I am a planner too, Katie! (most of the time) It can really consume us, can’t it? But yes, sometimes it’s better to just jump right in. Thanks for sharing your thoughts today.


  4. “The joy of sacrifice is so much greater than the joy of consumption.” This is so good, I tweeted it w/ a link to your post. Thank you. Usually, we must let God take our small gifts and multiply them. So happy to have found your blog. Drusilla (http://lovedasif.com/)


  5. Abby, I loved this post. There is so much truth and goodness here. I’m adding this as a favorite from the week for my Friday Randomness post. I’m so glad you are joining us for TWW. Blessings.


    • Thank you so much, Beth! I am smiling big right now. 😀 I’m glad to have found you through Meredith and look forward to visiting again.


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