When the Answer Doesn’t Come

As I lifted my dear family up in prayer one day in late September, my words seem to reverberate off the ceiling and back down to me. I couldn’t remember how long I’d been praying for him. Days, months, years, decades? Was I crazy to continue petitioning God for an answer that may never come? Was I truly interceding on behalf of this person or was I simply wishing for an ending that was impossible?


As these questions and doubts circled through my brain I remembered the words of Pastor Cymbala in his study, “When God’s People Pray.” He jokingly said the hardest part of the wait during any test or trial is the last thirty minutes. We want to give up. We don’t see a result and think persistence is futile, but sometimes the response is just one prayer away.

Our finite mind’s wait for an answer may seem never-ending, but our infinite God’s work has only begun. Tweet this!

So, with my limited understanding of God’s thoughts and ways, I continue to look upward. I pray because there have been times when I had no doubt that He had reached down and touched His hand on my life. Sometimes the answer is almost immediate.


About a year after moving to the area where we currently live, I went through a period when I felt extremely alone. We weren’t making new friends the way I thought we would. We were trying, but failing, to connect with our community, and I felt incredibly discouraged. I cried out to God one day and asked Him to show me he was there with me, to relieve this feeling of loneliness from my heart.


Within a half hour, I received an unexpected knock at my door. It was my neighbor and friend who I was beginning to know, and she stopping by to drop off some hand me down clothes for my boys. And to give me a hug. Although she’d never hugged me before, that day, when I needed an act of love so badly, she did. Coincidence? I don’t think so. God used a neighbor to show me He was there, and all I had to do was ask. 


Since that day, we’ve found a church home, formed new friendships, and are volunteering in numerous ways in our church and in the community. He has answered me in ways I never imagined. So regardless of whether the answer to my intercessory prayer is minutes away, years away, or in another lifetime, I will continue to call out in the name of Jesus. 

If you’re struggling through a difficult time right now and wondering whether God hears your cries for help, know that He does. Keep calling on Him. You could be a prayer away from an answer that will change your life.


10 thoughts on “When the Answer Doesn’t Come

  1. Wow, wonderful reminder to pray without ceasing. So encouraging! Loved hearing about your thirty minute answer to prayer, when your neighbor thought she was “just dropping by.” What a mighty God we serve. Beautiful post; sharing it!


  2. I needed this post today, Abby. It came at just the right time. It is so true that because we don't know God's perfect timing, we should never give up hope that the next prayer will be the life-changing one. Wonderful post!


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