Undiluted Joy

Today I’m joining hundreds of other writers to write for five minutes flat about one word. No hyper-editting. No backtracking. Loving and encouraging your fellow writers. Won’t you join us over here?

Today’s word: joy


When I was fifteen years old, I met a boy who challenged everything I ever knew about joy. I was on a mission trip to a town living in extreme poverty just south of the Mexico border. This kid who was no more than twelve years old was confined to a wheelchair. Living in a home that was no more than a shack. Dirt floors, no doors or windows, hardly enough shelter to protect his family from the elements.

And he was filled with pure, unadulterated joy. It was contagious. The Light of Christ shined through him so brightly, so potently that you were drawn to him. I wanted to taste this happiness he had that was not dependent on any material thing this earth had to offer.

Joy in it’s most tangible, undiluted form has nothing to do with the car we drive, the size of the house we own, or the clothes in our closet and everything to do with a God who made himself flesh and turned our world upside down when he said, “The last shall be first.”

And the beautiful thing about this God, my God…the CHRIST is that when we ask for more of Him, he will never disappoint. You want to know the best part? Once he fills us, our focus is not inward, but outward. He will pour until your heart is overflowing, and you will have no choice but to spread the love that is hurting within you to touch every person you meet. 

Just one person. And the ripple effect begins.



8 thoughts on “Undiluted Joy

  1. Oh Abby, this makes my swirl around and around in Joy. This is a fabulous story! I've heard of other stories like this, too, of joy in the midst of abject poverty, and it gives me such Hope! I'm so glad I stopped by here today – this is a delicious tasty meal in a smorgasbord of Truth over at Lisa Jo's!


  2. Abigail, I had a similar experience while working with “the poor” of rural Mexico. You're so right — how powerful to see the face of true joy. Joy that CLEARLY is not reflective of circumstance. I actually carried those faces with me when I wrote this morning. Your line here had me amen-ing all over the place: “Once he fills us, our focus is not inward, but outward.” Hallelujah…now that is true joy! A delight to meet you through FMF today.


  3. Dropping by from FMF!!! I use the last shall be first line with my kids all the time- helping them to see that they don't have to put themselves above everyone else all the time! They are completely baffled by it s (ages 5, 6, and 8)!! LOL!



  4. Beautifully-written words, Abby. My family is on a quest to live more simply and more generously, so that we can more genuinely live out our belief that joy comes from Christ and not from the world. In doing so we are giving up a lot of the luxuries we are accustomed to. This post is the perfect reminder that we are on the right path.


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