Small Glimpses of His Glory

It’s Friday.  Where hundreds of writers come together every week over at the lovely Lisa-Jo Baker’s blog to spend five minutes writing about one thing.  One word.  No hyper-editing.  No getting in your own way.  Just writing, flat out.  The most important rule: encourage the writer who linked up before you.  Won’t you join us?

Today’s word: small


It is a lie that so many mothers feel victim to believing. That our efforts are small. Our work, our day to day life, the difference we make in the bigger picture of this world we call home. Our wiping of baby bottoms, drying up tears, cleaning messes and preparing lunches. Does anyone notice? Is what we’re doing making an impact?

Somewhere, in the moments between getting my son on the bus and chasing my two-year-old away from another dog bowl mess, I find a piece of quiet. And it is in those cleansing moments that I sense the Spirit speaking to me in that still voice. So gentle, so patient. Never rushed. Never weary. 

It all matters. I am shaping tiny souls for Him, through Him. With his grace.

It matters because of the Love I hold deep within me, that I pray everyday radiates through the clay that God is shaping day by day, hour by hour. Sometimes in ways I don’t understand just yet. Other times with revelation I didn’t know possible. 

But each step toward Him, toward my ultimate destination is one of glory. His glory. Not my own. He keeps me from knowing the full extent to which I reflect Him at times to keep me humble. 

May His essence radiate from me more fully each day. May the small light that is my life  shine more and more.



10 thoughts on “Small Glimpses of His Glory

  1. I love this post. As a mum of five young children, I often have to remind myself that God has me in an amazing ministry raising these small humans. It's tough at times, but His grace makes it easier, and I feel incredibly blessed that He has entrusted me in this work. Thank you for writing so beautifully x


  2. Love this!Especially love how you said it so true: “It all matters. I am shaping tiny souls for Him, through Him. With his grace.”
    yes. Yes. yes. Shaping tiny souls. What a big work that can often feel small.
    Bless you!


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