Five Minute Friday: She

It’s Friday.  Where hundreds of writers come together every week over at the lovely Lisa-Jo Baker’s blog to spend five minutes writing about one thing.  One word.  No hyper-editing.  No getting in your own way.  Just writing, flat out.  The most important rule: encourage the writer who linked up before you.  Won’t you join us?

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Today’s prompt: She


She had never been the popular kid.  Quiet one.  Band chick.  Introvert.  These were words used to describe her.  Self-doubt was her constant companion.  Always afraid to speak out for fear of what people would say.  Fear of being teased or ridiculed.  Fear of rejection.  Always content with a small group of friends, she made little attempt to reach out.  Writing was her therapy, her catharsis, the words on the written page staring back at her in stark black and white.  Yes, this was all she needed.

Becoming a mom was like a bulldozer crashing through the thick wall of illusion she had built around herself.  The realization that she couldn’t do this alone.  She needed community.  Women.  Encouragement and a pat on the back when she felt as though she was constantly failing.  In a new town with unfamiliar faces and surroundings, it was a stark reality, but she couldn’t deny her yearning.

First one person reached out.  And then another and another.  She started feeling comfortable in her own skin and see herself for the woman she truly was.  There was something she could offer these women, and in turn they could walk the road of motherhood with her.  

Sometimes, it just takes one little push from someone who’s been there before to get you to step outside of yourself.  Outside of your self-consciousness and doubt and into the light.  And once you do, you see the there’s an entire world full of beautiful people waiting to greet you.


Five Minute Friday


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