Five Minute Friday: Belong

Five Minute Friday is an amazing opportunity, started by Lisa-Jo Baker, for some brave writers to come together every Friday and spend five minutes writing about the same thing.  No hyper-editting, no being a stickler about grammar, just five minutes of your best uninhibited writing when you stay out of your own way. The most important rule: encourage your fellow writer who linked in before you.

Today’s prompt:  Belong

She knew.  My scrappy rottweiler mix with her darting eyes and her hunter’s nose.  She spotted you and your blonde lab across the lawn playing ball and knew that she belonged on your couch, tearing your couch cushions apart and making a new best friend.

He knew.  My Heavenly Father who makes all things new.  He knew that your ring belonged on my finger.  And somehow with your quiet strength and your faith, while still growing, would bring me back, would give me a push in the direction of the one who loved me first.

Although it would take a move nearly a continent wide and being literally cut open to bring forth new life but also to reveal all the memories pushed down deep, the scar tissue which had created a webbed mess.  Telling the enemy who temporarily rules this dark world I do belong to someone, someone who knew me before I knew myself.  Yes, to acknowledge the anger and the hurt but realize that even though there are questions in this life that may forever go unanswered I still belong to a God who is sovereign in spite of it all.  And He loves me.  Before anyone else and in spite of all my mess, He did, He does, and He will.

Five Minute Friday


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